The Avingers


Company coffers:
  • 552 GP
  • 0 SP
  • 0 CP
Out Monthly
  • Rent 350gp
  • Small gem (50 gold)

Main Members

Name Race Level Class
Avin Catson Human 4 Wizard
Charlotte Fletcher Human 6 Barbarian
Halion Vivandrel Elven 6 Ranger
Ianthe Eir Aasimar 2 Oracle
Nommin Hamred Dwarven 2 Ranger
Rukh Half-Orc 2 Barbarian
Tevaga Half-Orc 3 Rogue

Items of Interest

Item Obtained Information
Large Clouded Gem Guarded by black dragon whelp in cave near Morcastle This large gem was found in a cave that seems to be ruins of a place of worship to the goddess ‘Desna’, Ianthe has identified this item as having a connection to a religion, the company has taken it back to investigate.
Parchment Found in a hidden area next to the Large Gem Found near the gem, there are scrawlings that look like the gem across the parchment, with the belief this will help them investigate further, these were carefully rolled up and taken with the company.

Company’s Greatest Achievements
Achievement Location Description
Fought Off Black Fang Cave near Morcastle( Goblin Cave) The Battle was Fierce but the company prevailed, the dragon whelp has retreated for now, never to return to its lair.

The Avingers

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