Avin's cat


Is a cat ex-familiar.

Very smart.

Likes milk and fish. Sitting on Avin’s shoulder.

Previously Able to communicate with Avin.


Avin’s familiar for a very long time, Pounce-A-Lot rarely leaves his side during the day.
Pounce-A-Lot is pure white with striking blue eyes.

Previously when not traveling, his favorite place to sit was either near food or on the notes Avin is not using, reading what Avin writes and sometimes suggesting helpful spells:

Meow, Meow meeeeow meow purr.


A spell that makes it rain fish.

Of course, nobody but Avin could understand him as they both communicated in their own language.

His favorite place to sit whilst traveling was on Avin’s head or shoulders.

Avin has decided that Pounce-A-Lot has earned a quieter life and does not wish to put his dear friend in danger any longer, so has removed the familiar bindings between the two.


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