Pathfinder: The New Age of Haven

Episode 5

Tevaga was able to track the Dwarf to a building, but as she snuck closer, it turned out not to be the gangs headquarters, but his home. His wife and children were already packing, and soon he ushered them out into the streets towards the city gates. Tevage poked around in what was left behind but couldn’t find any clues or valuables, so she decided to return to the tavern, where only Halion seemed to be left awake (don’t these elves ever sleep?). Tevaga asked her for advice and the Elf decided it would be much better to let everyone get some rest than to go do stuff in the dark night, so Tevaga turned in for the night and everyone slept like daisies, or, in the case of some more audible partymembers, probably trumpetflowers.

The next morning Ursula served our heroes one of her special brews as a thank you for their assistance against the intruders. Reassured it would work wonders against his headache, Nommin downed his mug in one go, and, as this clearly was something else than he was used to, as almost instantly he slumped from his chair and soon was snoring under the table. Meanwhile the rest of the party discussed their options after Tevaga told them the Dwarven bandit had left the city. Catching up with him would prove impossible as he had quite a headstart, so if he would fall prey to his former employers there was not much our heroes would be able to do. After the extensive meal they decided to follow up on the information they had extracted from the dwarf and go to the butchers shop in the Docks District.
The party got their stuff and Ianthe woke Nommin in quite an indemnifying manner by magically creating a blob of water that dropped down on his head, soaking him instantly. This did not exactly help his mood, so the party, including a grumpy dwarf, took off towards the gate to the Docks. The guard let them pass, but Rukh decided this would be a good time to pick a fight. The guard however seemed quite used to these kinds of provocations and just told him to “piss off!”. Questions by Ianthe and Nommin didn’t turn up much more information than that the gatewardens knew nothing and inquiries would better be addressed to the officers at the Guard Headquarters. Thus, the party moved on to the butchers’. Ianthe tried her best diplomatic skills to get the butcher to warm up to her and spill whatever information he had to offer, even purchasing a large amount of bacon, but the barbarians barging into the shop being … well … barbarians … didn’t really help, and as the party wizard started putrefying the meat with his magic tricks the atmosphere soon went sour, finally escalating when Nommin, who had snuck into the backroom, tumbled down a barrel of sausages as he was trying to find out if there weren’t any human body parts laying around, and as the butcher ran to the back and pulled nommin out of the barrel, Avin instantly started calling the dwarf a thief, prompting the butcher to call the guards. It took quite a lot of barbaric persuasion to calm down the butcher, but assisted by a daze spell from the wizard, he soon sung like a bird, but couldn’t add much to the parties investigation.
So the party left, Ianthe, feeling bad for the parties rough behavior, left gold on the counter to compensate for the damages.
With little other options, our companions decided to explore the surroundings of the shop. Heading into a backalley, a stranger runs into them. The heroes’ dour appearance frightens him, and, still a bit dazed from the collision, he assumes he’s being mugged. Our heroes attempts to comfort him only aggravate the situation, and when he offers all his money if they spare his life, Charlotte gladly pockets the money, earning stern looks from the other partymembers for this act of evil. In the end however, through not little efforts of Ianthe, the man who appears to be an errand runner for the shops in the neighbourhood, is convinced of the heroes good intentions (well, at least he believes they’re not going to kill him), and he tells them strangers operate out of a nearby warehouse at night.
Even as the frightened man runs off, our heroes move to the warehouse, Charlotte setting the mood by violently kicking the (unlocked) door out of its hinges. Inside a clerk and a guard are alarmed, as the group claims this was an unlucky accident, the clerk demands reparations. Halion is perplexed by all this chaos and brutality but the barbarians don’t seem much impressed with this. Ianthe comes up with a ruse, telling the clerk they have found an item in front of the storehouse last night that they wish to return. Eventually they learn that there is a group that rents the place in the evening, but the clerk does not want to compromise his clients privacy. The party decides to leave and come back later. Avin decides to return to the inn, Nommin stomps off after him after being scolded for being unhelpful at the butcher, and the rest decide to go to the guard headquarters to gather information. All but Halion, who, apparently, everyone forgot about. She decides it might be a good idea to just wait around and get abducted. But she is only approached by a flowergirl who gives the charming elf a flower, which the elf happily accepts.

At the guardhouse Ianthe and Tevaga acquire a list of all the incidents reported about missing people. They learn the only wizard at the guards disposal is the Kings personal advisor and he can not be approached by mere commoners. With this they return to the inn where Ianthe approaches Ursula about the King’s wizard, but she can’t be of much help either …


AAsama BayruJiagu

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