Pathfinder: The New Age of Haven

Episode 4

After one month of hanging around, we are chilling when…

Ursula turns up and informs us that the farmers have finished their harvest and are holding the harvest festival. Thanks to us harvest was pretty good so they would like us to join them in the celebrations as guests of honour.
Do we go?

Avin wants to examine turnips for magickal effects.

We all go to the harvest festival and are shown to our seats at the main table. Band playing, kegs everywhere, food everywhere. Everyone is joking.

“Thanks for killing the beast who ate Bessie etc etc” (drunk speech). Everyone cheers. People come up to us, slap us on the back, hand us drinks.

A lady walks up to Rukh, asks him to dance. He looks at Ianthe and waits for her approval. He agrees. Woman is drunk off her tits, they are clumsy and nearly fall in the fire. Everyone is laughing.

A random guy bumps into everyone, asks charlotte to dance, she refuses, he calls her ugly and hits on someone else instead. She throws a tankard and he falls over. His mates kind of notice but don’t care.

Everyone leaves. Everyone starts trying to put knocked out guy in compromising positions. Avin and Halion head back to the tavern. Charlotte drinks from the pissing tankard and then goes home. Everyone else leaves.

It is very dark at the tavern, the door is locked. a guy answers the door and says its closed and then locks us out. Rukh sees someone. We look in the windows.


We find Ursula being threatened so we barge in and attack (Halion does some fancy shit and comes in from round the other side of the building). A dwarf bandit grabs her and drags her away. A scraggly dwarf appears while we are dispatching the bandit dwarf’s friends and goes to Ursula’s rescue. He is all “rawrshit”. The bandit dwarf is taken out, flies across the room and he is unconscious.

His bros see this and pretty much decide “fuck this shit” and legs it. we sit down and have a chinwag. Rukh goes to the dwarf and kicks it?

Tavern 3

Nommin is off tracking. He comes back later but doesn’t find anything. Dwarf bandit leader is like “oh no my legs”. Rukh tries lifting him by his legs, but he punches him in the dick so he drops him. He tries to make his escape (crippled and concussed) but Charlotte grapples him and ties him to a chair.

We try questioning him. He thinks we will kill him and refuses to answer any questions. We threaten to kill him if he doesn’t tell us. Ianthe points out bandits will kill him anyway. he agrees to talk to us.

“We’re an outfit out of, well, you wouldn’t know it…it’s the slums… get this, a couple of months ago, we get this old geezer in all black, like some kind of wizard. Like a necromancer or something. All skellys and stuff. Anyways, he told me and the boys that if we do jobs for him, he’ll reward us. and of course, we were just waiting for a chance for the big times. Guess what they wanted?”

Ianthe, “They wanted you to cause a commotion?”

“Oh no, they just wanted a nobody, like a little family. Not to start one, they just wanted mom and dad and children for whatever they wanted. I know what you’re gonna say, that is horrible, well I guess that necro didn’t want them as a family. So we found this old family that were living in outskirts in farms, so we broke in took them out and dragged them to the meeting place, got money and that was that. He gave us this emblem of sorts. Someone get it out my pocket.”

Charlotte picks him up (chair and all) and shakes him and the emblem falls out. Ianthe studies it. It is an intricate design that reminds her of a spider.


“Where is your headquarters?” asks Avin. “Where can we find the necromancer?”

“If I told you can I go?”

Ianthe looks at everyone else.

We decide to let him go so Tevaga can follow him. We ask again where the necromancer is, but he doesn’t know.

“Are you lying?” Avin asks.


“Tell us where he is.”

“Butchers, right in the back alley at night. But don’t go there, there’s a group of guys there.”

We untie him and he leaves, with Tevaga close behind. He bumps into Nommin on the way past. “We coo’ dwarf bro?”

“You let him go? Idiots…” Says Nommin.

We have a scuffle with the leftover dudes. We let them leave, Charlotte drinks, everyone goes to bed.

Tavern end

We find 328 gold, long sword on each of them and some arrows.


AAsama FeliciaSexopants

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