Pathfinder: The New Age of Haven

Episode 36: Explosions!


We decide to fight the silly defenses. The golem is a nerd.

Horlamin sends two villagers to their death by accident. He also tells children a story while the adults fight for their lives.

The golem dies in a fiery explosion after Charlotte makes the final blow. No one of importance was lost.

Avin gathers some scrap metal.

Baylen sways where he stands, and holsters his pistol.

“And that,” Horlamin says as he hears the explosion, “means we are safe.”

Baylen limps towards the exit. “Damn golems.”

Ianthe collapses down on the floor, all weary and sighs.

Horlamin: “And this is what I do. I summon creatures like this Lantern Archon here. He can make funny lights.”

Avin is examining the golem for anything of worth.

Ianthe: “I really hope this damned place does not have any more surprises.”

Baylen Cartwright sits on the grass outside the crypt.

Avin carries Paulinus out of the crypt and very few people were sad about it.

We decide to rest before moving on.


AAsama FeliciaSexopants

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