Pathfinder: The New Age of Haven

Episode 35: Charlotte KS's Baylen

Back on the scene:

The army guys don’t know where the orcs came from. They’re still a bit confuzzled. Only some people escaped, led to safety by the guard captain. There are still survivors in the keep.

As we are being debriefed, we see that the castle has taken quite a pounding.

Baylen: “Sudden charge from nowhere… Cannons… These orcs are too well organized.”

Horlamin says something about the bravery of the leutenant.

Baylen studies the defenses and notices that it’s a bit rundown. The leutenant insists that they hadn’t expected any attack.

One of the soldiers runs up to the leutenant and explains that he finds no trace of the guard captain and suggests that they might have made it to the crypt. Maybe orcs followed? He would appreciate it if we went and checked it out.

Ianthe: “Hmmm… I think we might find more information on the situation there anyways.”

Charlotte: “Let’s go kill motherfuckers.”

Baylen: “Let’s do this.”

Ianthe sighs and rubs her shoulders tiredly, and grabs her staff tighter, ready to go.


We see a lot of footprints outside: many orcs and many men. Into the crypts we descend.

Avin gives money to Polinus and loudly thanks him for helping. Ianthe heals Horlamin a little.

There is a humming of energy, clanging of weapons, grunting of orcs and the dripping of water.

Charlotte readies her weapon and leads the way. Horlamin summons Karl and Baylen stealths.

Charlotte spots a coffin in the first room.

Baylen Cartwright slips up to the door, peering into the room. There are wrecked coffins everywhere.

Charlotte isn’t the stealthiest. Everyone is okay except for her. Combat woo.

We smush the orcs.

The captain of the guard asks where the army was in a terrible Scottish accent.

Baylen: “Well, ‘Left’, sure. They went to a better place.”

Horlamin: “The orcs have been dealt with and their army scattered. WE ARE THE ARMY!”

Ianthe lifts her eyebrow at the whole “to a better place” statement but doesn’t say anything.

Horlamin: “See that large woman over there? She’s quite strong. It took eight orcs to even wake her up.”

Ianthe: “Don’t even ask how….” She mutters silently in Celestial.

Horlamin: “Then she smashed them all over the head.”

He knew about the defenses from a previous thing so that’s where they came from. He thinks the crypts are dangeous. It doesn’t feel pure anymore. He asks us to be ready just in case something happens when he drops the shield.

As the shield fades, there is an ominous rumble. The paladin looks suddenly very old and weary. We notice that there is a pile of villager corpses in a corner, while the survivors huddle in the middle.

We all wonder for a moment who could be pulling the orcs’ strings. Horlamin explains that we are heading towards the wall to fight against the orc invasion and to find out who is behind it. The captain of the guard agrees that this is a good idea because orcs suck.

Avin had some information that he had researched before they left. He found an old agreement between the first king of Iskilien and the other rulers where it references the wall. It said that Dornari would stand for the manning of the wall, Iskilien would be responsible for the magic-, the rest of the document is unreadable through dampness and age. But luckily thanks to cross-referencing and badgering old librarians and court nobles, Avin found more books referencing the wall. Unfortunately it was all just wankery about how brilliant it was, no real details other than saying how the defences were impenetrable forever and a quote “As long as men draw breath on the wall, its defences will hold”. Oh, and its green.
Another book claimed it was purple in the sunset, but it also claimed it could fly so Avin wasnt too sure about that. Avin found references to “Energy containers of glass” that supposedly were important for the wall.
No mention of what they were or what they were for though.

The fountain turns into a nasty clockwork thing. “Orcs detected.”


Will our spunky heroes survive the battle against the clockwork golem monster thing?

Will Charlotte and Ianthe ever hook up?

Find out next time on, Pathfinder.


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