Pathfinder: The New Age of Haven

Episode 23: Unexpected help

A conspiracy is revealed via a mysterious source

The gang gather themselves after their ordeal with fighting their way out of the ambush, and they inspect the mysterious arrow with parchment attached.

Ianthe picks it up and sees “For Avins eyes only” and some runes underneath it. Horlamin attempts to decipher the runes but ends up succumbing to a blinding headache and falls down.

Avin then tries reading it and as he does, the note poofs out of existence and several mechanical parts appear. They assemble into a box with three knobs. Baylen uses his engineering knowledge to figure out the controls and it is revealed that the box contains a recorded conversation between the dead skull-mask cultist and… Darom , the court wizard. The gang is no doubt shocked at this turn of events.

Also, outside they find the traitor-spy murdered. Several stab wounds likely cause of death.

They resolve to get out of there and seek rest before planning their next step. Avin goes to The Needy Lemure while the rest of the gang goes to a place where the enemy wont find them as easily, The Charming Demon’s Saloon . They rest and recuperate and after resting all day they begin to form a plan.

In the end they plan to use Sarah Kettar ’s people skills and the fact that she is not a known associate of theirs. A daring plan involving fake papers and other deception is formed… but will it succeed?


AAsama AAsama

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