Pathfinder: The New Age of Haven

Episode 14

“This tower is now under lockdown.”

Baylen Cartwright hmms thoughtfully, and turns to Avin. “Hey, Wizard. Uh. Avin. I’ve got a question.”

Halion frowns down at the crystal. “Do we get nice rooms? And I can’t be a housewife without going out and getting shopping so you’ll have to let me leave sometimes.”

Ianthe Eir: “Can we just drop the crystal out of the tower?”

Magic Hateball crystal humms and mutters to himself, barely audible “Adventurers.. no intelligence at all…the nerve…”

Baylen Cartwright: "That crystal seems to.. Absorb whatever magic touches it, right? So… What happens if /it/ touches the magic over the doors?

Grant/Avin: ’I’m not entirely sure, it’s worth a try, either that or someone could try to bludgeon it?

Ianthe Eir: “He’s responsible for the death of Rukh! I vote dropping that crystal. If we’re lucky, the bastard controlling it will feel the pain too when it shatters.”

Baylen Cartwright: “Smashing is generally plan B.”

Magic Hate ball crystal is about 5 foot tall. About as tall as a short man, and as wide as a fat one.

Ianthe Eir glares at the crystal, clutching her staff

Baylen Cartwright: “Roll it into the door before we try to drop it out of the tower.”

The Magic Hate ball crystal shakes slightly and the wizard echoes with inaudible curse words

Baylen Cartwright hmms again.

Baylen Cartwright: “Step back a bit? I’m going to try touching this thing.”

Baylen Cartwright reaches out to touch the magical evil crystal.

Ianthe Eir: “See? He either dislikes the shield idea. Or dropping off from the tower”

The Magic Hate ball crystal is cold to the touch to Baylen

Ianthe Eir glares at the crystal

Baylen Cartwright: “Not dead. Good. Always a good start.”

The Magic Hate ball crystal is quietly muttering to itself about calming down and waiting it out

Baylen Cartwright gives the crystal a push, assuming that even despite its size its roughly spherical shape will allow him to push it!

Ianthe Eir: “That’waiting out’ does not really sound good to us, I’d say.”

Charlotte and Halion is resting while Baylen is trying to move the magic hate ball crystal around

Avin offers charlotte his health potion
“You look like you could do with a pick me up and I don’t have any alcohol so figured this would do”

Charlotte takes the health potion and chugs it.

Baylen rolls the magic hate ball towards Ianthe who is standing by the magically locked door but she moves to the side and it smashed against the wall.
Baylen turns it around tries to roll it to the door that is locked.

Halion: “Hey crystal wizard! Will you die forever if we smash your head?”

Baylen Cartwright: “Okay. Well. He doesn’t /like/ that. So I think we should try again.”

Charlotte moves away a little and then sits down again to feel sorry for herself.

Baylen Cartwright: “Someone with two good arms might want to try.”

Magic Hate ball Crystal mutters: “Do as you will, you sub-par humanoid!” he addresses the elf

Baylen checks the autobot if it still works but its power source is blown

Avin examines corpses but finds nothing of interests.

Halion: “If you say so!” Halion beams as she picks up the head of the wizard and proceeds to throw it off the side of the tower.

Magic Hate ball Crystal: “NOOOO! YOUSHITTYKNAVE! YOU WILL REGRET THIS!” the crystal hums loudly, echoing shrill in the hall

Baylen Cartwright: “Hmm. Ah-… Elf- Halion. Help me push this thing, if you please?”

Halion: “Fiiiiiine.”

Everybody except Charlotte is now moving the magic hate ball crystal around

Magic Hate ball Crystal: “Stop it stop it STOP IT! You dont know what you are dealing with!”

Halion: “I bet the door has a secret password! Hmmm how about…I love magic!”

Baylen Cartwright: “He really doesn’t like this. That’s a good sign, generally.”

The crystal is taken aback at the sheer stupidity of the elf and is silent for the moment
The crystal is shreveling and the shield around the door vanishes slowly

Ianthe Eir: “Uh oh” – “I really do hope that hurted the asshole of a wizard” mutters in Celestial

Avin steps away from baylen and looks at his collar

Halion: “Looks like I was right! Feel free to praise me all you like.” Halion smiles.

Suddenly the door creeks open

The shield crackles throughout the tower and slowly vanishes.

Baylen Cartwright: “I wasn’t entirely convinced that wouldn’t kill us all.”

Baylen Cartwright peers into the room

Within the room there are treasure upon treasure…

Baylen Cartwright: “Don’t touch anything yet. It’s probably an illusion, and I just want to stare at it for a bit.”

As Baylen enters he hears a muffled voice… MFMFMFMFMFLED MEMFEFED

Ianthe Eir peeks in carefully

Baylen Cartwright: “It’s okay, gold. You’re safe now.”

The room is filled with Magic. Avin is amazed of how much magic is present.
Avin Catson: Oh god guys everything is either amazing or a trap

Baylen Cartwright: “This is too easy.”

Halion: “Oh a voice! Looks like this treasure wants to be my friend!” Halion INSPECTS the speaky pile.

Baylen Cartwright: “Uh. Avin. Did you say that crystal was holding the tower up?”
“Because… There isn’t a crystal anymore, is the thing.”
“If you see what I mean.”

Halion: “I’m going to open this now! I apologize in advance if we all die.” Halion takes out her knife to cut the rope.

Unknown voice: I couldn’t take it anymore.. Thank god!!
Who are you? Don’t touch me there…

Ianthe Eir: “Well, that’s a slightly talkative box”

Halion: “I’m Halion and the wizard is Avin! Nice to meet you.”

Box: IS the wizard dead??

Baylen Cartwright: “Wizard’s dead.” – “Died painfully.”

Avin Catson: Well, his body’s over there, and his head’s at the bottom of the tower

Charlotte: Can we name it? I want to name it Claptrap. I don’t know why.

Halion: “…I have a question for you Mr. Box.”

As the group digs in to the treasure.. there is a huge rumbling sound

Ianthe Eir looks around to see if there’s any nifty robes around

Halion: “But I’ll ask later! Time to panic!”

Loot room: Loot room
Baylen grabs a axe musket and some gems and gold
Baylen Cartwright: “Huh. This’ll do.”
“Bit big for my taste, but…”

Halion: “Compensating!”

Baylen Cartwright: “Yeah, the wizard probably had a very small staff.”

Looks around real fast to something valueble:
Belt, excessivly expensive.. potions, scrolls, and he is scanning throughout the room for a red cloak of sorts. he finds one and grabs it aswell.

Looks around for sexy jewels and grabs some and carries the talkative box.

Looks around for a BIG Hammer.. weapon of sorts and grabs one and a sack of valuble gems

Looks around for a robe and a grabs random rings and fistful gold

The ceiling is breaking a part and is coming down on the group

Baylen yells to the group “TIME TO GO, GO! RUN!”
Baylen falls over but gets help from Avin to get moving.

Helion’s talkative box says “tower is collapsing, time to get out of here elf”
Helion runs to the hole in the wall

Charlotte is running towards the hole in the wall and gets clipped by debris from the ceiling
Ianthe runs after Charlotte to help her out.
Both of them dodge a large column coming from the ceiling

Baylen yells: “Time to go”
Baylen runs and jumps across some debris like a hero jumping across the hood of his car

Avin runs out of the room and barely escapes the rubble falling from the ceiling
As the group stands on the edge of the wall an upwind comes up and tells em all to jump!!

Opening in wall:
Edge of wall before jumping off

Halion: “I see absolutely nothing suspicious about this.” Halion follows the voices advice.

Ianthe Eir: “Just jump! She’s a friend!”

Baylen Cartwright stares after the elf.

Ianthe Eir runs and jumps after the elf

Baylen Cartwright: “Anyone have any better ideas than jumping to our death?!”

Charlotte: No
Charlotte jumps.

Avin Catson: Well, I was planning to cast feather fall

Baylen Cartwright: Okay, good. Let’s do that.
“Freefall is not a fun experience, generally.”

Avin Catson: Alright, well, let’s go
Avin Catson jumps off and casts feather-fall on anyone in range

As they all jump off.. They fall down.. suddenly a rush of sand from below slow their decent

Baylen Cartwright falls for a bit, scarf trailing behind him

Avin Catson watches the others being attacked by a sand geyser

As everyone comes down the sand turns back in to the sand lady.

Baylen Cartwright: “For the second time, yes. Painfully dead.”

Ianthe Eir: “Thank you, big sister.”

Baylen Cartwright tugs at his collar
It is now brittle and he snaps it off and he throws it across the clearing

Baylen Cartwright: “So… Does anyone know, um. Where we are, exactly?”

Avin Catson attempts to identify his robe and belt

The tower keeps collapsing as you stand around

Halion: “Lets move away from the death tower please!”

Ianthe Eir decides to move away from the tower

Baylen Cartwright runs across the clearing with perfection

As the tower collapses the top floor is sucked up in a vortex.
Suddenly they hear music playing for Rukh’s passing.

Baylen Cartwright returns the finger to the wizard, but with both hands

As the tower has finished collapsing
Sand lady: “Thank god, it is over.. Are you ok? Where…there was one more with you..” she trails off

Ianthe Eir: “Yes…. Rukh” falls silent and looks sad

Sand Lady: “I..see… We will pray for him..” she nods at the bushes nearby

Ianthe Eir: “Thank you, big sister…. Is Ahl OK?”
Ianthe turns around and she notice Ahl sat crouched trying to hide behind a tiny bush. Alongside the giant mantis of Halions

Baylen Cartwright opens the sack that he grabbed while escaping, and investigates his potential loot

Avin Catson is engrossed in examining the items

Ianthe Eir: “Avin, could you help me to see if there’s any worth to these items?” holds up the robe and ring she grabbed

Baylen got LOTS expensive jewels and axemusket for his gunslinger thingie majigger..

Avin Catson tries to check if there are any more magical properties on the items his friends are gathering

Ahl gets up and waves at the party, and the giant mantis rushes up to Halion and hugs her clumsily

Ianthe Eir: “Hello, Ahl. Glad to see you’re fine” smiles at the rock golem

Baylen Cartwright: “Hmm.. Five and a half grand, and a bunch of gems. Might be able to buy some property with this…” He muses.

Ianthe gets a robe of voidfrost and LOTS of money…

Ianthe Eir: “Hmmm…. I’m not sure if it’s any use to me. Would it be any use to you, Avin?”

Ahl waddles up and gives Ianthe a great big hug, picking her up off the ground in the process

Ianthe Eir: “Otherwise we might as well just sell it and make use of the money.”

Halion checks out her new booky wooks.

Ahl: “You saved big sis!”

The giant mantis looks at the books and pokes them with his claws curiously

“Be gentle Ahl!” big sis scolds him

Ianthe Eir laughs and tries to hug the huge stone golem

Halion: “No you can’t eat them.”
The mantis lowers its head and whines sadly

Baylen Cartwright: “Right. Loot’s counted. Does /anyone/ have any idea where we are?”

The stone golem puts ianthe down and goes to hug Charlotte too

Baylen Cartwright: “I’d like to not be here.”

Familiar Voice: “I might know..” a voice calls out from the bush

Baylen Cartwright jumps, startled, and swings out his axe musket
Baylen Cartwright aims toward the bushes
Baylen Cartwright: Who…….

An elf steps out of the bushes with his arms raised “Easy there, I mean you no harm” – “I am Thaisti”

Halion: “I think I have some water somewhere…”

Baylen Cartwright lowers his musket.
Baylen Cartwright: “Alright. So, where are we?”

The mantis digs its head into Halions pack and grabs the waterskin with its mouth and chugs down

Avin Catson attempts to check everyone elses items for magic aura

Halion looks through her newly found collection of nerd books and finds four titled books: “Inter-species Breeding: The Planes”, “Binding of elementals”, “Inshu’Riah’s research on Gateways”, “Demons and Demonic Masters”

Avin Catson: (trying to detect magic and identify on charlotte’s new hammer)

Avin Catson attempts to identify magical properties on anything Baylen has/in the sack of stuff baylen has
There is no magic in that small sack of valuables

Baylen Cartwright: Only the magic of phat loot.

Thaisti explains “I was on my way to Olafs Crossing when i saw your magic show. Came to see whats up. I think you blew up a mountain…?”

Baylen Cartwright: “We killed a wizard.”

Avin Catson attempts to identify his gunaxethingy

Baylen Cartwright: “Olaf’s Crossing is nearby?”

Thaisti: “close enough”

Baylen Cartwright: “Hm… Guess this isn’t as much a setback as I thought.”
Gun isn’t magical

Thaisti: “So… nothing of value left in there?”

Baylen Cartwright: “You can go look, if you’d like.”

Ianthe Eir: “Nice to meet you again, Thaisti”
Ianthe Eir smiles

Baylen Cartwright: “Not a whole lot of anything left, in there.”

Baylen Cartwright: “Which way is Olaf’s Crossing from here?”

Thaisti gestures to the south-west “About two days travel that way”
“Found an animal trail that should get us there in that time anyways.. if you want to tag along?”


Avin Catson attempts to detect magic on the books Halion got from the wizard.
(( Books are only magic in the sense that knowledge is magic ))

Halion: “Two elves are better than one!”

Baylen Cartwright looks back at his new found companions. “I guess so. I’ll tag along, anyway. I need to get back on the road to Morcastle.”

Ianthe Eir: “I’ll be at least happy to get out of this forest and to get a proper bath”

Baylen Cartwright adjusts his pack, storing things for easier traveling.

Sand Lady gets up on Ahls shoulders by slithering up and around him, tickling Ahl as he does and he chortles happily

Ianthe Eir: “What are you guys planning on doing?” asks Ahl and big sis

Avin Catson asks halion where the talking box is

Halion holds up the box. “Here!”

Big sis shrugs and looks out over the forest “Somewhere where we can be in peace, together.. I doubt we will be welcome in cities anytime soon.. other than for attractions…”

Ianthe Eir: “True, unfortunately” shakes her head sadly “But I do hope you will find a happy spot to live in”

Avin Catson attempts to detect and identify magic on the box
Avin detects the auroa of conjuration on the box
Avin identifies the box as a bottomless box. An alternate version of bag of holding type 2
Avin Catson explains to Halion excitedly the properties of the box (hand actions and all)

Baylen Cartwright: “We’re burning daylight.”

Sand Lady: Im sure we will, as long as we are together “she smiles at her brother, who is busy happily poking the giant mantis, and the mantis scratches at the rock golem as he does. Happy to have something to sharpen his claws on”

Baylen Cartwright: “Right. Southwest.”
Baylen Cartwright begins to head off, sack of valuables going with him

Thaisti turns to lead the way into the forest

Halion follows with her books and boxbuddy.
Boxbuddy sleeps happily

Ahl and Sand Lady waves as you depart “Save travels, friends! And thank you!”

The first day they get halfway through the Forrest. Thaisti guides them through the Forrest with ease.

Baylen Cartwright begins to tinker with the materials he gathered from the mech, beginning work on a new pistol before he sleeps.

Ianthe Eir sleeps, tossing occasionally restlessly as she can’t sense Rukh near her anymore

Thaist: Where you lost in that tower for a week?

Ianthe Eir: “Well, we kinda got lost…”

Thaisti: You guys been gone for a week since last time we saw each other.

Baylen Cartwright tinkers with his in-production pistol as as the others talk about things.

Avin Catson: “we had to see a wizard about a golem”

Halion: “Oh no! That’s like half of a humans life gone already!”

Ianthe Eir: “Ugh…. a whole week? And we sort of disappeared without a word on Ursula”

Baylen Cartwright: “What’s the date? I have no idea how long I was in there.”
" . . . Maybe it was a bigger setback than I thought."
“Well, the wizard’s dead. I’ll just… Consider that a vacation.”

Ianthe Eir: “Why are you heading to Morcastle anyways?” asks curiously

Baylen Cartwright: “Business. Specifically, the business of making money.”
“Lot of gold to be had, in a city like that.” He says, mysteriously.
“The inn here’s not bad.” *He says as they enter the village!

The group makes it to Olaf’s crossing by the time is dark again.

Thaisti: Well, here we are.." Thaisti gestures at the inn close to the road in Olafs Crossing."

Avin Catson continues to wonder whom should have the belt

Baylen Cartwright heads off to the inn!

Ianthe Eir: “Thank Sarenrae there’s an inn…”
Ianthe Eir follows Baylen and really, really badly wants to have a bath

Thaisti smiles and enters, unwrapping the rabbits dangling from his belt

Ianthe Eir: “Bath… and tea!”

Thaisti walks up to the barkeep and hands over the 3 rabbits he brought “Had to help some friends, so this is all the game for now.. Ill head out again tomorrow”

Baylen Cartwright looks around the inn, to see if there are any familiar faces from his last visit

Halion heads inside for a cheeky look around.

Baylen recognizes the barkeep and owner, he nods at Baylen as he enters.
Baylen Cartwright nods in return, and heads up to the counter. “Evening. ‘Round of drinks for everyone, and I’d like a room.”

Ianthe Eir goes to the barkeep and politely asks for room too… and bath. Definitely a bath

The nearby patrons that heard cheer at Baylen, and the rest cheer as the word spreads around

Avin Catson sits down and talks to ser (His Familiar cat), they have a conversation about the weather
Barkeep: You were successful eh? “The barkeep sighs as he knows work will now pick up”

Ser The Familiar Cat thinks the rain sucks

The barkeep whistles to a barwench and tells them to prepare rooms for the new arrivals.

Baylen Cartwright: “Not exactly. Minor set-back involving a wizard, and a tower.”

Ianthe Eir: “If successful counts as getting the wizard’s tower end up being tiny rubble….”

Barkeep: Sounds like a success to me, as you are sitting her with new coin in your pocket…i assume…? “Nods and hints”

Baylen Cartwright drops enough coin on the table for the drinks and the rooms.

Charlotte sits at the bar and orders drinks on Baylen’s tab.

Baylen Cartwright: “I did say /a/ round, mind.”

Halion finds a spot to read her books and hopes no filthy casuals try to speak with her.

Baylen Cartwright: After paying for the rooms and the round of drinks, Baylen heads to a table in a corner and continues work on his new pistol.

Charlotte is inspecting the bag of valuables she looted from the tower,

Baylen Cartwright has his back to the wall, his sack of valuables carefully stowed away and hidden from view

Avin Catson asks Halion what the name of her giant mantis is

Over time the tavern gets filled with people and the music get louder and its a party.

Charlottes bag of valuables is atleast 7600 in coins alone. And there’s still gems to be appraised.
A nearby drunk looks at the hoard of coins over Charlotte’s shoulders and drunkenly slurs “Buy us a beer luv?”

Halion pulls her book out of view as Avin surprises her with his sudden speech. “Ah! Oh um…I suppose it’s nice for the family pet to have a name. You can call him Hierophant!”

Charlotte is getting too drunk to notice the attention her hoard is getting.
Charlotte puts it away and downs the drink.

Baylen Cartwright enjoys his meal and continues to tinker with his pistol

Charlotte leaves 20 gold pieces on the bar and goes to find the fanciest room in the Inn.

The group finds good rooms to rest for the rest of the day and to clean up..

Avin Catson notices that he startled her and apologies, excusing himself to let her get back to reading as he goes to find a room

Avin Catson changes into the new robe and appraises the belt of might
Aprise the belt 10000 gold and has some magical prop. of dex and con.

Ianthe Eir enjoys a nice, long hot bath and dresses up to her new, NOT stinky robe

Baylen Cartwright stows his gear, having made some progress on his pistol, and heads up to the bar
Baylen Cartwright gets the bartenders attention!
Baylen is greeted as a hero

In the window closest to Halion the Mantis stares in, bobbing its head happily to the music

Baylen Cartwright: “Are there any traders leaving in the morning, for Morcastle?”
“I was hoping to not have to walk all that way. Again.”

The barman dual-wields some steins under the kegs but answers Baylen “Yes I think there should be some, usually arriving with the first ferry in the morn’”

A drunk leans up against Baylen and slurs “You are my best friend”
Baylen Cartwright: “Perfect, thanks.” He thinks for a moment… And pats the drunk on the shoulder. “Get another drink, you haven’t had enough yet. Barkeep, have you heard anything about disappearances, lately? People disappearing on the road, or in the forest?”

Avin Catson goes outside with Ser to get away from the noise

Barkeep: Disappearances? Oh aye, hear its getting worse lately. Terrible business that." he remarks as he pours more drinks

Avin sees outside that the giant mantis is happily bobbing its head to the muted music from inside, and doing a little dance. Staring in the window closest to Halion

The stars are bright this evening, and his breath fogs the chilled air

Baylen Cartwright: “Yeah, you shouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. We – the group I came in with and I – dealt with a wizard a couple days travel into the forest.”

Barkeep: “Hah, figured it was a wizard I” he nods

Baylen Cartwright: “Kidnapping people off the roads for his experiments. That sort of thing.”

Ianthe Eir reappears downstairs to hopefully see if there’s some tea

While the group is taking part of the festivities.. they decide the name of the group..
""The Avingers""

And with that.. The disappearances have increased is on everyone’s minds before the carpet comes down.. Find out more whats happening next week on ""The Avingers""


AAsama Rinzler

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