The Needy Lemure

Ursula Denys runs The Needy Lemure tavern.

The tavern is located at the edge of the docks district, just before the gate to the commons. Being one of several taverns in the city, and not even the only one in the docks, it is not overly busy or crowded. It has a fair amount of regulars and Ursula does ok by way of passing merchants, visiting adventurers and just dockworkers looking to unwind.

The tavern has three stories: a basement, the first floor and the second floor. The basement is unused but has a large common room and several small guest rooms. The main floor is where the bar and seating area is. It also has a stage for travelling bards or other entertainment acts. The second floor is mainly rooms for the guests.

The needy lemure


Tavern basement

The Needy Lemure

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