The port city of Morcastle is one of the three city states along the Storm Coast, its located north of Solvana and south of Dornari. It is west of the untamed Vertmere mountain range and the surrounding stretches of forest.

The city is a bustling trade city with a flourishing population and a fair Monarch rule. Traders, travellers and adventurers all flock to the city to try their fortunes as its location is ideal for all ventures. The untamed wilderness to the east is rich with ancient ruins, deep caves and mysteries from a bygone era.

Morcastles most prominent feature is its large castle situated at the south-western most part of the city, surrounded by double walls and placed ontop of an elevated hill. The castle has the royal family and the heads of state, overlooking the docks district to the immediate north, the noble district to the east and the city at large to the north-east. A river seperates the noble district and the open district, the river runs through the city and runs into the sea in the south end of the docks district.

The high walls of Morcastle have seen better days, but its large gate still manages to impress visitors as they stand in the toll waiting to try their fortunes inside. 100 years or more since the last conflict reached the city walls, but the guard is ever vigilant.

The city is ruled by the young King Horhand Iskilien , heir to the throne his grandfather earned.


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