Hero Points

Hero Points

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This is a system for ensuring that heroic characters are just that, heroic. This is a simple bolt-on mechanic that works in any kind of campaign.

How to obtain Hero Points

  • Each character gets one Hero Point(HP) at the start of the game
  • Characters can earn an HP by completing an adventure
  • In special circumstances, a particularly heroic, ingenious or simply outrageous endeavour might be rewarded by a HP

How to use Hero Points

Usage is differentiated between SPENDING and BURNING. SPENDING uses the HP but it will come back next session. BURNING an HP means it is gone forever. Naturally, the benefits from doing each is thus different.

Spend HP to do the following:

  • Re-roll a single roll. Must keep the new roll.
  • Add 10 to any d20 roll. Must declare before the roll.
  • Add a minor fact to the scene/world for the benefit of your character(i.e “My family has had dealings with these merchants…”)

Burn HP to do the following:

  • Avoid your characters death once
  • Make any roll a crit(Automatic confirm on Attack Rolls)
  • Add a major fact to the scene/world for the benefit of your character (i.e “Suddenly, a horde of rebels burst into the room to free me”)

Hero Points

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