Pathfinder: The New Age of Haven

Episode 19
Where our heroes sneak around, meet new friends and latch themselves on the king's arm

The Too Long; Didn’t Read Version

A couple of hours after the exciting escape from guards, we return to Avin, Baylen and Charlotte being holed up at Phoenix Risen. Everyone is either drunk or twitchy nervous.
Ursula arrives to the inn, offering her help and two new helpers, Sarah and Maryann.
After bantering and plotting, our group heads towards the bell tower, avoiding all guard groups searching for them.
At the tower, they set Baylen’s spies ready to do a distraction if needed, and set a plot to get inside the tower: Sarah and Maryann go to the tower and sweet talk their way to get guards do what they want while the rest of the gang tries to peek through a window and see what’s inside. (Baylen is lifted up by Charlotte and Ser runs up them both to give his two helping eyes to the cause). Baylen spots 4 guards inside.
Sarah and Maryann lure one outside and towards the rest of the group. The guard is surprised and very bewildered by Sarah’s try to muffle his possible cries for help. Maryann manages to fool the guard to look another way and whacks him on the head with her axe, coup de gracing him. After this the group.. well, regroups and weapons up, heading inside the tower.

While this has been happening, Ianthe has been doing her goody two shoes thing and healing and saving people at the scene of the explosions at docks. Saving some, losing some… but alltogether, managing to get some attachment from the folks at the scene – the guards tried to come in to arrest her for being associated with Avin and the Avingers. The mob disagreed with that idea and shooed the guards away.
Nearer dawn, there’s nothing else she can do so she heads out towards the Needy Lemure – realizing that the guards are keeping an eye on her, she does not want to lead them to the Phoenix Risen. On her way, the guards manage to surround her with no way of escaping so she surrenders and is chained up and escorted to the castle to wait for the king to wake up and cast judgement on her. She ends up waiting for a long time in heavy chains.

When she finally is escorted to the throne room, it’s filled with folks staring at her and guards that are glaring at her.
When the king enters the room, he looks embarrassed – maybe the fact that our fair elven lady, Halion is attached and clinging on his arm, looking all chipper and happy.

Want to know more? Then tune in next time for… EPISODE 20!

The Complete Saga:

We now return to our heroes and continue where we left off –
Ianthe is fulfilling her healer destiny (and possibly her way too goody two shoes tendencies) and stayed behind at the scene of the explosions, trying to save as many lives as she can.
Halion disappeared after the scene of explosions at the docks, and has been doing mysterious things to find Shelen and possibly some bonus fun with the king!
Avin, Baylen and Charlotte have made their way to The Phoenix Risen. We return to our glorious heroes after a couple of hours after the daring escape from the clutches of city guards – not to mention Ser’s try to save his master by the destructive means of cat urine.

At Phoenix Risen

A picture paints in front of a discreet, embodied viewer: Charlotte, as per usual is sitting by the bar, sipping down on her good old friend ale, her loyal companion Disco Inferno lying on the bar table next to her. Avin is slumped down on a table in the inn and is against his habits sipping down on alcohol to try and calm his badly shaken nerves. Baylen is nervously playing with the handle of his pistol and keeping a watchful eye on the street. Ser is hiding in the shadows outside the inn, also spying up on anyone coming close to the Phoenix Risen.

Suddenly, a loud knock is heard from the door. The group inside tenses up, reading their weapons. Avin moves cautiously towards the door, glancing at Baylen.
Baylen sees 3 hooded figures outside, one of them being a lot shorter compared to the companions and shows off his observations to Avin via hand signlals.

Avin opens the door, and one of the figures drops back her cloak, revealing Ursula. She eyes nervously the road, trying to see if she was spotted.
“I am so glad you are alright. They came to the Needy Lemure. What happened? They were saying you were conspiring against the kingdom….”
Avin sighs and replies: " I was kidnapped by a group, some sort of poison knocked me out. When I came to I was in a room holding a dagger with Ianthe over me, a body near my feet.
To make matters worse, notes that are apparently signed by me talking about necromancy and kidnappings…"
Ursula nods at Avin: “It didnt sound right to me. Nobody at the lemure believes you had anything to do with such things!”
Baylen hurries the group outside: " Have this talk inside, maybe."
Avin Catson: “All I can assume is that we’ve gotten too close for the necromancer’s comfort.”
Ursula: “I understand, thats why i thought you may need some extra help..” and motions the hooded tiny figure to enter.
Ursula and taller one of the hooded creatures enter the inn and Baylen quickly closes the door behind them.
A soft tutting emminates from the depths of the hood, followed by the faint show of bright white teeth.
“Necromancers? Nasty business, truly.” She says in a rather thick Jovaskan accent before she smiles again, sliding her hood back.
Baylen Cartwright narrows his eyes as he hears the familiar accent. Our heroes now can lay eyes on a beautiful, blonde half elf with a self confident smile playing on her lips.

The woman casts a casual glance around from behind her glasses before she looks to Ursula: “My good woman, if this is what you had in mind for my proving faith, dear. . . I can surely think of some more interesting ways to do so.”

Ursula smiles softly to herself “I figured you could use the help of someone not associated with you.”

Sarah Kettar, our mysterious new Jovaskan friend, glances to the door just briefly and smiles a knowing grin to herself.
“Ah yes, the proverbial one night stand is it? Well, this should be quite the show— " She looks back to the others “Who brought the drinks?!”

Ursula: “I assure you, if you get my friends here out of this I will personally see to it that you are rewar-”

Ursula is cut off as one of Baylen’s head spy runs in, all out of breath. “Sir! Sir! We have news!” He stops talking as he notices the new people in the tavern.
“Is it safe for me to talk?” As Baylen nods his permission, the spy spews out a hurried explanation that there is something shady going on at the clock tower – including lots of guards and the shady female character Baylen told people to keep an eye on, and that was last seen on a boat near the explosions…
Baylen Cartwright nods as he listens.
Baylen Cartwright: “Guards… Damn it. That’d explain the quick response.” He glances over to Avin knowingly.
“You get a good look at any of them?” Baylen asks from his spy. The spy shakes his head: all they could recognise was the female fitting the description given to the spy network.
Baylen Cartwright curses, and sighs. He looks back over to Avin. “I’m thinking we should take a look.”

Sarah appraises the situation with a thoughtful expression, glancing from person to person with a flick of her gaze. A subtle smirk pulls at her lips:
“Mmm… " and says quietly to Ursula: " My, my, what interesting company you keep, my dear."
Ursula smiles. “Yes they do seem to be in the center of things more often than not. But theres nothing bad in them, i assure you. And if you help my friends here get out of this problem, I will do everything in my power to make sure you are rewarded for it”
“Clearly not, for surely they would not be associated with an angel such as yourself if they were of devilish intent.” Sarah smiles wryly.
Ursula stares at Sarah with a look that speaks “I’m too old for this shit”.

Avin Catson finishes his drink and stands up straighter than before, more focused as the initial shock of ’we’re going to be mauled by guards’ has diminished slightly. nods and looks at Ursula before nodding his head slightly at Sarah: “Is she evil?”
Ursula: “No, just very…friendly”
Sarah smiles to Avin, slightly amused: “Quite so!” and then turns to Ursula, feigning innocence with a firmly held smile: ""Dear, I’d ask for no reward other than perhaps an evening in your company to wipe that exhaustion from your eyes."
Avin Catson looks at Sarah, then at Baylen.
Avin Catson: “I think she’s evil.”

Baylen Cartwright: “She’s Jovaskan. Considering the circumstances, it might not be bad to have one on our side.”

Ursula: “Oh wait. I just remembered.. I met another potential helper… where did she go…?”
We now hear another, quite loud and impatient bang at the door.
Baylen Cartwright sighs at the door. “First thing we do, we hire a doorman. Assuming we’re not chased out of town.” He then moves to open it.
A female dwarf was behind the door, thumping it quite impatiently. She is surprised by Baylen suddenly opening the door and ends up banging him on the chest.

Baylen Cartwright looks down at the dwarf, and back to Ursula, then at Avin and steps back from the doorway.
Ursula: “Ah, there you are Maraynn. Where did you go?”
Maraynn replies grumbling: ""Nobody answered, I thought nobody was here."

Ursula motions to Maraynn “This is the other volunteer i met recently. She said she was willing to help you out as well. Maybe for the more heavier lifting?” Maraynn nods slowly in agreement, pushing her way past Baylen.

Baylen Cartwright shrugs a bit, letting Avin deal with it, and returning his attention to his second-in-command: “Get some eyes watching the area around the clocktower. Same as usual; Anyone entering or leaving, I want to know about it.” The head spy stands to attention: “Aye aye sir! Anything else?” Baylen thinks for a bit: “Couple of people watching the Risen, as well, just in case. Don’t want to end up coming back to an inn full of guards.”

Avin Catson greets the newcomer before checking with Ursula:
“You did tell them that we’re about to be set upon by half the city unless we get this sorted out, didn’t you?”
Ursula nods gravely “They were informed. More were willing to help, but not directly and definately not when i explained that to them”

Avin Catson smirks slightly “Well, they’re quite clearly at least partially insane, so they should fit in quite well”
Sarah Kettar, tutting softly: “What good is a party if no one’s willing to oil their hands, hm?”

Baylen Cartwright shuts and bolts the door as the spy leaves. “No kidding… Speaking of which, where’d the elf go?”
Avin Catson: “She vanished a while ago, last I saw her was at the docks.”

Sarah Kettar: "So, perhaps I’m putting the cart before the horse here but you do have a plan to deal with this situation, do you not? " She glances from face to face with a slow, intent look as if trying to decide who’s leading the group. Maraynn frowns slightly, and looks from one person to another as she follows the conversation.
Baylen Cartwright: “Well, it’s obvious that this goes deeper than any necromancer. So we’re going to need more information.”
Sarah Kettar: “Quite so! And while I am an avid fan of going deep, this does seem a bit overwhelming— ah, now we’re talking.”
Avin Catson: “Well, I’m fairly fond of the inn here and I’d rather not leave the townspeople to be kidnapped and experimented on, so ‘run away and change my name’ isn’t really an option.”
Baylen Cartwright: “We’ll save that as a plan B.”

Baylen Cartwright: “In the meanwhile… Information is goal number one. We need to figure out who’s behind this. Someone in power, obviously. So we follow this train of thought into. . .”
Avin Catson: “setting fire to the guard”
Sarah Kettar: “Posh! Where’s the fun in that— and the smell. . . But, perhaps we can incorporate that! Good call, my good man?” She looks to Baylen.
Maraynn: “Don’t know what you’re talking about, but that doesn’t seem like a bad idea.”
Baylen Cartwright: “Depends on what we find out, I guess.”

Ursula pulls her cloak on tight “Whatever you do, know that you have friends in the docks district..but if you are deemed outlaws then there’s not much any of us can do..”
Sarah inclines her head to Ursula politely. "I wish you the best, dear— try to keep to the light. Riots break out in circumstances like these and it would be a shame to darken those beautiful eyes any more.
Ursula nods and smiles at Sarah then speaks up to the rest of you “Good luck friends. I pray this will all be resolved soon” She then hurries out
Baylen Cartwright steps out of the way, letting her pass. Sarah Kettar watches her go with a thinly veiled smile.

Avin Catson offers everyone a drink, since it looks like we’re going to be planning for at least a little while
Baylen Cartwright: “So. We need to find out what’s going on at the clocktower. That’s our only real lead. ‘Hates the Empire’ isn’t really a unique trait, and the emissaries were quite visible around the palace the past couple of days. So… One lead.”

Sarah Kettar: "mmm… And you think that the necromancer might be related to these emisaries in some way? " looks at Baylen and Avin, her brow furrowings slightly: “I must have fallen into the company of lower nobles if you’re being hunted in such a way.”
Baylen Cartwright: “Seems likely. There’s not much call to pin the necromancy on Avin if he’s not involved.”

Sarah Kettar: takes her glasses off, removing a silk rag from an inner coat pocket. She begins wiping her glasses as she speaks: “What resources do you have available to you, hm?”

Baylen Cartwright: “Gold, some minor influence in the docks – apparently – and a couple of dozen eyes on the streets. So, I say we investigate the clocktower, see if we can find some information. We need to know who benefits the most from putting the suspicion on Avin,
as well as who has influence with the guards.” almost as an afterthought, Baylen adds: “Anyone who might benefit from conflict with Jovask, as well.”

Avin tenses up as Ser sends him psychic message, warning that the guards have finally arrived at the street and are investigating every house. Avin hurriedly warns everyone about guards coming in here in the next 10 minutes.

Sarah Kettar: "Mmm That is the question is it not. I know whom I would benefit from contact from, but! Such is not the issue, so let’s get you lot out of here.

Avin: “I’d agree, I’d also weigh in but I do feel like I’ve been kidnapped, thrown on a cart and woke up in a stranger’s house in a mess with no memory of the time inbetween.”
Baylen Cartwright: “That’s because it happened in the last couple of hours. Did you get a look at the ones who kidnapped you, by the way?”
Sarah Kettar: “Some of the best times you can have involve just such a scenerio, my good man.” She adds, quietly murmuring “Fewer regrets that way, too. hm.”

Avin Catson glances at sarah.
Sarah Kettar Smiles.
Sarah Kettar: "So! The question becomesss. .. " she strolls through the middle of the room as though she owned the place, looking this way and that “You have a back door, do you not?”

Baylen Cartwright: “Yes. Funnily enough, that’s the door in the back. Right. We should get moving, before those guards show up.”
Maraynn shuffles impatiently, and nods at Baylen “Shouldn’t we be leaving?”
Baylen Cartwright: "I’m thinking “I’d rather not have to leave the town I just bought property in so quickly.” more than anything else."

Baylen Cartwright opens the backdoor a crack, peering out into the back alley. “It’s clear. Let’s get moving.”
Sarah Kettar: “No sense of clandestine entertainment”, she smiles to herself "Quick to use the back door, though— " Sarah looks to Charlotte “Maiden of the Cup, will you be joining us?”

Avin Catson glances at Charlotte and reminds her that if she stays here she could end up in prison and unable to drink ale for a very long time.

Charlotte downs her drink and follows Avin, glaring at the new people.
Sarah Kettar perks a brow: “Oh no, that simply won’t do. . . Come! We must liberate her from a lifetime of sobriety.”

The party quickly head out as there are muffled sounds from doors being knocked on and even kicked in, and the protesting shouts from the occupants.
Baylen Cartwright: “Keep to the alleys.” He leads the way through the alleys, towards the belltower in the middle of the town. Ser Pouncalot jumps on Avin’s shoulder. Sarah Kettar takes a rimmed hat from under her coat and slips it on, strolling casually after the group.

At the Belltower

Luckily for our Fearsome Five, the back alleys seem to have been left without any guardly attention and the heroes are able to travel towards the bell tower without guards’ attention.
Baylen’s spies join our companions as they reach the tower. It looks like there’s been some serious unloading and packing going on here. Baylen Cartwright: “Anything to report?”
After hearing the report from his underlings, he continues to asset the situation:
“Right… So we need a way in. Can Ser take a look around?”
Avin Catson: “He can give it a try at least.” Avin Catson asks Ser to scope out the area for a way in and to be careful and stealthy.

Baylen Cartwright: “Out of all of us, the /cat/ is most likely to go unnoticed. Unless we can find a guard’s uniform.”

Sarah Kettar Takes a look around the grounds for any obvious windows or perhaps ways to slip under the building. She looks at Baylen oddly, and points to the window* “Anyone feel like crawling through the dirt?”

Baylen Cartwright: “Not especially. But I’m pretty sure we want to get in there.”
Sarah Kettar: “Yes, I gathered that—”
Avin Catson: “Any chance we can have your men cause a distraction if it looks like we need one, Baylen?”
Baylen Cartwright: “Good call.”
Sarah Kettar: “Ah! Capital idea.”

Baylen Cartwright signals for one of his men to approach. “Probably along the other side of the tower, hm?” he then addresses the spy. “I want you to have a couple of men ready to make a distraction, if we need it. Something to draw attention away from this side of the tower.”
Baylen Cartwright: “Signal will be two short whistles, I suppose. I can’t do bird calls, and regardless we’re in a city.”
Baylen Cartwright: “Right. We need to get up to that window, hm?”
Sarah Kettar: “That we do! If I may suggest something?”
Baylen Cartwright: “Go ahead.”
Sarah Kettar rubs her chin with a glove: "Perhaps the Maiden here pushes yourself up, crawl up on the overhang there and have us a peek? If the Lady agrees, of course. " Sarah smiles as though she already knew the answer.
Baylen Cartwright: “That would work, yeah. Charlotte?”
Sarah Kettar: "Charlotte. . . " she rolls the name across her tongue like fine wine. “How wonderfully fitting.”

After abandoning the half serious banter about Avin casting invisibility spell on everyone (which he can’t actually do), Sarah brings up a plan: “You’ve considered that I could just walk up to the front door and give a knock, surely?” She smiles to herself thoughtfully.

Baylen Cartwright: “. . . We could do that.”
Sarah Kettar: Why don’t I do that with the good lady dwarf—"
Avin Catson: ‘That could work, and if not, they’ll be too distracted murdering you to notice us."
Sarah arches a brow: “You severely underestimate what my tongue is capable off, dear boy.
Not that you’d be the first, but I shall surely not let it stop me.”
Baylen Cartwright: “Hmm. Right, here’s the plan. Charlotte gets me up onto the roof. When I’m up there, Sarah and the dwarf knock on the door.”
Maraynn shrugs “Easier than climbing through a window.”
Sarah Kettar: "Precisely, my dear. Now, first things first. . . " She takes out parchment and an inkwell, scribbling on the parchment, deep in thought. "One moment… "her voice trailing off.
“There!” Sarah Kettar looks quite smug and satisfied with herself, eyeing the finished product.

Baylen Cartwright: “Right. Ready?”
Sarah Kettar folds the parchment and stands up. “Quite right— miss. . . dwarven maiden, forgive me but I’ve lost sight of my manners. What was your name?”
Maraynn: “Maraynn”
Sarah Kettar: "Capital! " She saunters off towards the front door, winking at Baylen “Right this way, dear.” Maraynn sighs and follows slowly.
Avin Catson: “Good luck, if you see a lot of fire, stay away from it.”

As our new pair of friends disappear behind the corner, Baylen beckons Charlotte to help him climb up for the window. With almost inaudible mutters about Baylen needing serious dieting, Charlotte helps Baylen to climb up.

As the mutters and grunts are going on behind the corner, Sarah and Maraynn reach the door. Sarah removes her gloves and tucks them away and knocks on the door.

Avin realizes the window looks quite hazardous, and urgently whispers that Baylen should wait for a moment for Ser to climb up there and check the window for them.

Maraynn doesn’t think Sarah did nearly a good enough job, when nothing happens immediately. She brushes past the half-elf, and knocks as well, much more firmly and much louder. She smirks at Sarah, content to her effectiveness when someone opens the hatch on the door, glaring at the pair and grumpily asks “Now what do YOU want?!”

Sarah Kettar flashes her best winning smile, eyeing the man over her glasses. When she speaks its with confidence and as much regality as she can manage: “Hello, there, you must be the guard, Lord Byron sent to watch over the property. I am here to assay the grounds and make sure it’s right for my needs!” Maraynn nods enthusiastically.

Baylen, now with Ser Pouncalot on his shoulders examines the window to see if he could open it. It is rusted shut. He frowns, and points at the rusted hinges… And then realizes he’s trying to wordlessly explain the concept of rust to a cat. Ser Pouncalot nods and rubs his head with his paw. Baylen Cartwright tries to pick out how many sillhouettes he sees inside the tower. Baylen then tries to open the window carefully and manages to maneuver it open for about an inch before it stops, refusing to budge. He can now hear the discussions inside the tower.

The man inside tells Sarah and Maraynn to bugger off. Sarah Kettar arches a brow: “My good man. . . The Lord and I have an agreement, it would be most unbecoming of a lower noble to turn his back on our arangement.” She smiles faintly, producing her document.
The man shuts the thingie on the door, there’s muffled discussion inside for a bit… and in the end, the door is opened, with the man pretty much groveling at the feet
of Sarah. The guard, being all eager to please her, invites Sarah and her companion inside.

Baylen Cartwright attempts to put a bit of force on the window, trying to open it… And trying to remain quiet while he does so.
Baylen Cartwright ducks his head.
The window opens up a loud screech, and Baylen ducks his head down, trying to stay as still as possible. Someone comes to the window and drags a box below it, climbing on it and trying to peer outside. Luckily for Baylen and Ser, it’s still pre-dawn outside and a lot darker than inside the tower and the observer does not spot the pair.

Sarah Kettar takes a step back, hooking her thumbs in her belt: "Oh, no, it’s quite fine! I wished to start with a tour of the grounds. Perhaps you would indulge a fair Lady in a quick circuit? ", she says smiling faintly at the guard. “My associate here is quite eager, as am I, to see the grounds the good Lord has prepared for us!” The guard at the door looks annoyed at Sarah " Madam, why did you demand to get inside when all you wanted to see is the grounds?!"
Sarah Kettar: “Madam?” She looks at the guard sternly. “Good man, I am a priest of the Engineer and, further to that a dignitary from a foreign land— I expect better from the city’s finest! You’re doing a fantastic job guarding the grounds, now be a dear and show us around, hm? Then we can take a look inside with you. . .” Sarah peeks quickly inside “and your friends.”

The man sighs frustrated “Oh fine! If that’ll shut you up for one second!”
Sarah Kettar “Excellent!” She motions languidly towards the corner she had come from. “Maraynn, be a dear and lead us around the corner… Make sure the rats are gone, would you?”

Maraynn nods firmly and leads the way. Sarah: “Maraynn! The other corner, dear.”
Maryann smiles embarrassed and changes her path towards the correct corner. Sarah follows, sighing theatrically for the guard, muttering about the quality of help these days.
The guard decidedly ignores Sarah, just wanting to get the business over with and to get rid of the annoying ladies.

As they walk around the corner, the guard is stupified for a moment as he notices Charlotte supporting Baylen who is trying to peek into the window. Sarah Kettar tries to grab his mouth to keep him from calling out, fervently wishing she had some chloroform. Of course, she doesn’t really know what she’s doing so she ends up just flailing like crazy near the guards head. Maraynn blinks at the guard, and thinks for a long moment, the points off behind him “oh, a giant rat! Have to get it!” The guard is taken by surprise and just manages to blink and mutter “What? Rat? Where?!”
Sarah Kettar points to Avin and the back at the guard when the guard isn’t looking.

Maraynn keeps pointing “No, it’s back there, behind the tree!” The guard leans to look, too suprised to think clearly. She shuffles around until she is directly behind the guard standing on tippy-toes… and then whacks him over the back of his head with her axe, spins and grins at the group proudly. The guard slumps down to the ground, dead.
Avin stands watching the events unfold in disbelief.

Sarah, this time with quite serious, down to business voice: “Maryann! Please get this mess sorted. Get him round the corner!”
Baylen Cartwright draws his pistol, making sure it’s loaded properly.
Sarah Kettar says quietly “Maraynn. .. Get that out of here.”
Maraynn jumps slightly, startled “Oh, right, sorry!”, grabs the body and starts dragging it away.
Avin moves to the corner and readies a magic missile spell.

Baylen Cartwright looks down at the group, beckoning a bit for their attention. As he gets the group’s attention, holds up 4 fingers, and points at the window.
Sarah Kettar: "We have an in. Let’s get moving, shall we? "

At the Docks

Ianthe has worked all night through, trying to save people. Some she has managed, some she has not. All in all, it has been a rough night.
At one point, a group of guards stormed the docks, trying to arrest her. The common folk she has been helping are not too happy about that, and force the guards to back down. They still hang around, keeping an eye on the situation and a chance to arrest Ianthe.
Eventually, the situation seems to calm down at the docks. Ianthe knows the guards are keeping an eye on her, so she decides – maybe as a desperate measure – decides to head to The Needy Lemure to maybe get Ursula’s help in relaying a message to rest of the group.

As she walks down on an empty street, her way is blocked by 2 guards with readied weapons. “You’re coming with us, lady.” Frantically she looks around, only to find that all her ways are blocked by more guards appearing. Sighing, she realises she has no way of escaping and surrenders herself. The guards demand her to give up her staff. As she does, the guards relax but still chain her up and partly drag her to the castle.

She is made to wait in a room until the king gets up, still chained up… Eventually being dragged to the throne room, full of guards, nobles and common folk with loud discussions going on. Near the throne, we can spot the court wizard and something in the shadows…
And then, the king enters the room, with Halion hanging on his side.

Episode 18
The setup

Our scene begins as Baylen Cartwright, Charlotte Fletcher, Halion Vivandrel and Ianthe Eir are following Ser Pounce-A-Lot to his kidnapped master.

The gang navigate the dark, abandoned streets of Morcastle and ends up in an alleyway in a quiet part of the docks district. Ser Pounce-A-Lot claws at a door, signifying this is the place. Halion breaks open the door and invades the room, finding Avin Catson unconcious with a bloody dagger in his hand and the body of the Jovask diplomat. Baylen and Halion reconize the diplomat from the castle earlier. Halion quickly glances at the papers nearby and she sees that it covers experiments with necromancy, and they are signed by… Avin Catson.

The gang kicks open another door to reveal a bloody room where the rest of the diplomats entourage rests, in pieces.

A moment later, the sounds of sabatons marching down the streets are heard by all. The sounds approach the house they are in, and the gang decides to not get cought here. They rush into the other room and hide as guardsmen enter the room and starts investigating the murder.

Two men are sent into the back room to investigate, and as they approach the Avingers decide to retreat further into the house. The door in the third room is locked, and Avin decides to cast knock to open it…just as Halion kicks it open. The noise alerts the guardsmen to the presence of them and shouts up an alarm.

Quickly formulating a plan, Baylen and Avin co-operate to throw lamp-oil under the door to the second room and then light it on fire to cover their retreat. The gang quickly makes their escape into the back alley as Avin sends Ser ahead to scout out the guard’s movements.

Ser spots them as they attempt to cut off the retreat of our heroes, and also sees the guard captain carry off a bunch of incriminating, but fake, evidence against Avin. Ser gets picked up by the guard captain beliving the cat to be a stray that needs saving, but Ser humbly declines the gesture by peeing all over the man. Ser makes his escape into the night.

Meanwhile, the gang avoids running into the guardsmen by breaking into a nearby house. Luckily its abandoned and the crew breaks down door after door before finally the last door wont budge. Halion deftly picks the lock and they then make their escape into the night.

They all rush through the narrow alleyways of the Morcastle docks district just as two loud explosions are heard coming from the harbour. They go to investigate only to find two of the Jovask ships on fire and sinking. People have gathered to see what happened and to help any survivors. Another loud explosion spreads absolute havoc in the docks as shrapnel and debris litter the area, wounding and killing many in the process. Everyone decides to get out of there, except Ianthe who stays to save as many as she can.

Halion decides to go find Shelen , her friend who disappeared. She sneaks over the walls to the noble district, then climbs up the sheer walls of the castle onto a balcony and breaks into the bedroom of what later turned out to be King Horhand Iskilien . She wakes him up but in a stunning turn of events, she convinces him that she wasnt there and that he should go back to sleep. Halion then proceeds to read his diary and take it with her as she goes.

She sneaks up the castle through the hallways and finds the room of Darom , where Shelen also sleeps. She tackles Halion as she notice she enter, and the two start discussing boys.

Halion ends the episode on a chilling comment “I wonder what it would be like to be royalty…?”

Episode 17
The audience with the king

The gang is woken up a messenger from the castle: Our friends with the talky box have been granted an audience with the king himself!

Halion Vivandrel and her new friend Shelen gleefully rush to the castle right away.

Baylen Cartwright leaves to sort out some things for himself but vows to join the ladies later at the castle. He is tailed by Ancalimon. He goes to purchase a few things for himself and for Avin Catson, seems they struck a deal earlier about crafting a wondrus item for Baylen. Both Baylen and Ancalimon spot the curious ships docked at the harbor and the weirdly dressed and outfitted men manning it. The ships are not loading or unloading anything, merely waiting.

Upon getting back to The Needy Lemure he hands the crafting materials over to Avin who happily begins crafting it in his room. Baylen then quickly rushes to the castle.

The rest of The Avingers hang about and look moody/write their memoirs/drink.

Meanwhile, Halion and Shelen are waiting at the room before the throne room. Getting bored. Shelen suggest they kill time by pretending to be pick-pockets, Halion agrees and goes to distract their mark. Shelen fumbles her pick-pocket attempt but Halion quickly salvages the situation by acting/being crazy and scares the man away in a huff. Shelen acquired his pocket-watch and they engage in many hugs and praising their own beauty and skill.

This celebration is cut short, however, as an important looking emissary storms out of the throne room in a continuing huff-theme that seems to permeate the day so far. He throws a glance at the two elf ladies who are acting fools and scowls under his fancy hat, fancier clothing and magnificent handlebar mustache before storming out. His retinue of firearm-wielding soldiers following him.

As the ladies are ushered into the hall, Baylen catches up to them and is also allowed in with them. They then met with King Horhand Iskilien and his court wizard Darom.

The exchange that took place inside the throne room between this delegation of The Avingers is not known to the histories, but this we know:

  • The king was befuddled by the two elf ladies
  • The wizard was annoyed at the same
  • The king was disappointing the wizard with his lack of focus and dignity
  • Baylen and Wizard had a silent bro moment as they realized they were both hanging with idiots
  • The local government has been unable to stop the abductions
  • The Avingers shared their tales of their fights so far, revealing that they knew about the necromancers, much to the surprise of the king and wizard
  • The king recruited the Avingers to help deal with the abductors, now known as “the necromancer threat”
  • Halion lectured the king and ended up challenging him to a weird competition

After leaving the audience they went straight back to The Needy Lemure, but somewhere along the way Shelen disappeared and Halion had instead brought a goat back.

The gang settled in for the evening but Avin got a notice from his contractors saying there was an issue with his renovations. He set out immediately to deal with it personally, without telling anyone where he was going and why.

He was ambushed. Dark clad assassins attacked him, led by a brown-skinned female also in black. He fought bravely, taking down nearly half of them, but in the end he succumbed to a poison that rendered him unconscious. Just before he passed out, he sent Ser Pounce-A-Lot away to warn the others.

Back at The Needy Lemure everyone was alarmed as Ser Pounce-A-Lot appeared by himself, meowing frantically. Halion cast a spell that let her speak with animals, and she learned from the cat what had befallen Avin.

She had a bit of a freak-out.

The gang all vowed to rescue Avin, none more than Halion herself.

Episode 16

We return to our heroes while they tackle the city life for a week, enjoying the various activities.

Day 1

Avin, Ianthe Baylen go to check out a prospective candidate for an inn Avin wants to buy, called The Phoenix Risen. Our merry group order drinks to be friendly and stuffs (Ianthe gets non-alcoholic drink because you know. Weakling)
The inn keeper is a lanky, black human, not from around here. Baylen’s intuition says he’s from the Kingdom of Iskilien. Avin gets on and asks chit chattingly about the inn: the innkeeper himself built it over 10 years ago. Looking around, the inn looks a bit of worn, not much of fixes done as if the business has been low for quite some time.
Baylen Cartwright: “Place looks a bit ragged; business been poor lately?”
Inn keeper admits, saying the calamity affects it and his interest has been declining too. But someone has to keep the sailors watered up.
Avin tells innkeeper he’s interested in buying the inn.
“Hmmm, sell ”/wikis/the-phoenix-risen" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Phoenix Risen? The idea is suprisingly promising. I feel I have outstayed my welcome here. The locals are quite suspicious of outsiders nowadays. I might be willing to sell."

3200 gold is innkeepers offer. Avin’s evaluation is that it’s worth 3000 gold. Baylen advices to offer 2800 gold, Avin offers that explaining about size and needed maintanence.
Innkeeper agrees and now, by magic Avin is an inn owner. Avin stays at the inn to set the cleaning and fixing up.

Baylen goes to sell the masterwork swords. He spends the rest of the first day on building the network of connections (influence).

Halion goes to find the goddess Shelyn’s church with a mysterious elf female friend of hers named Shelen, they are stopped by a guard at the gate asking WTH they’re doing.
Halion “I am visiting the church of Shelyn with my friend.” Guard requires identification or someone who can vouch for them. Halion’s friend tries to seduce the elf.
“Oh but arent you just the toughest soldier~ You can let two pretty, innocent girls in to do their pious chores cant you?~” The seducing is is successful, the guard is
bashful and lets the elves pass. Halion finds out that the church is more of a shrine, not even finding anyone there.
Halion scratches her head. “Well this was a wasted journey…there’s no one here.” Halion’s giggly bubbly friend goes around the shrine, flirting with passing nobles.

Ianthe goes to Sarenrae shrine, talking with various people trying to find out about her bloodline’s history (not succeeding) and about the mysterious,
legendary item she’s trying to find. Right before the nightfall, she managed to find one small info about the item – according to old legends, it was shattered
into shards and locked away at an unknown plane.
As she leaves the shrine, Ancalimon (who has been following and keeping an eye on her all day), approaches her:
“My’lady, ive been looking for you for a while now. I cant let you out of my sight. Did you find anything about your heritage?
Believe me when i tell you this.. I know some information of your kind.. that maybe be of help. I dont want to talk here in the open.
I’m getting to many people looking at me in a strange way.” Ianthe is curious about the said information, Ancalimon promises to share
information if she helps him later on. They go back to the Needy Lemure for the evening and discuss about the information.

Charlotte decides to head out and practise her blacksmithing.

Day 2

On the second day, Baylen stops by Avin’s new inn, asking him to evaluate the gems he grabbed from wizard’s tower. Lots of shiny money! Baylen gives some suggestions on what to improve on it – including acquiring the neighbouring residential house to gain more room. Big plans are done about having it as the new company head quarters.
Baylen donates the gems for funding the repairs, and goes on with his business to creating connections and influence.

Avin continues supervising the inn repairs. He also goes to the residential building next door to inquire about buying it. Unfortunately, the guy called Manius Sikan owning it lives in noble district and Avin does not have access there yet. He also practices his magic to stay in shape.

On the day two, the elfy pair decides to go get some information from the court wizard:
Shelen, the totally-normal-and-not-suspicious-elf-at-all: “Halion~ I want to go find some new powerful friends~” she whines at Halion, like a child pouting
Halion: “Powerful friends? Well I’m pretty much the best friend ever…” Halion thinks. “We could go see if we can find that court wizard everyone is always talking about.”
Shelen: “Yes!” She claps her hands happily and bounces “Let’s go see the wizard!” she pulls on Halions arm and grins happily.

Halion and Shelen go to try and see the court wizard and Shelen uses her sex appeal to get the guard to point them to where get appointment
time for the wizard.
The elfy pair bursts into the office and startles a nerdy looking clerk at the front desk.
He re-adjusts his gold chain around his neck and straightens himself up. “What can i help you.. ladies.. with?”

Halion approaches the clerk. “Hiyaaa! We’re here because we want to meet the wizard! If it helps I have a few neat magical things that he’s probably never seen before.”
The jumpy clerk collects himself: “Like.. what kind of things?”
Halion holds up Mr. Box. “This little guy! Say something Mr. Box.” Halion pokes Mr. Box.
The box lets out a loud snore as its awoken rudely, and it spits up a necklace “What what?! Are we under attack?! Im going to die! AAAaAAAAH”
Its lid flaps wildly as it screams.
The clerk is entirely taken aback and falls off his chair
Shelen giggles happily.
“Is box? How? I mean where?” The clerk enquires, trying to get up.
“Where?!” the box repeats and screams.
The clerk screams.
Halion chuckles. “Magic of course! And it only works around the prettiest girls so Shelen and I have to be with the wizard to show him all the cool things it can do.”
Halion pokes Mr. Box again. “You’re not going to die calm down.”
“OH! Ok but i MIGHT, you dont KNOW!” it shouts way too loudly
The clerk gets up and brushes himself off and tries to avoid looking at Shelen whos bitring her lip and staring at him intently “I..uhm…I will tell this to Darom. I.. yes.”
“If he grants you an audience” he manages to finally get back his formal attitude “a messenger will be sent for you. Where are you staying?” he grabs a quill.
“In that one place! Uh…what was it called?” Halion looks to Shelen for help.
Shelen shrugs “Something with a lemure”
“The Needy Lemure. I know of it.” the clerk responds
“Oh great!” Halion gives a little clap. "Thanks for being so helpful Mr. Clerky.
“S..Sure thing milady..ladies..” he snaps his gold necklace back from Shelen as she tries to drag him and it towards her face. She giggles as he escapes her
grasp and then jumps daintly off the counter.

Ianthe spends day 2 in the shrine, healing people for free and gains influence.

Ancalimon seems to be set on keeping an eye on Ianthe, and follows her to the shrine,continuing the discussion with her about the super mysterious stuff and other planes.

Charlotte is happy banging a hammer on some hot metal.

Day 3

Baylen decides to create himself a thief’s guild and sends his newly acquired minions to gather information about the nefarious necromancers the group is after.

Avin’s still busy with the inn and magic practicing.

Ianthe spends the day 3 studying at the biggest library she has access (for now), doesn’t find any new information related to her Quest.

Ancalimon spends the day too with Ianthe, getting his Dark Knight vibe on.

Halion and Shelen wander around the town, stumbling upon people needing help with horses. Halion steps in and uses her elven charms to twirl the horses around her pinky.

Charlotte is getting quite skillful with the blacksmith hammer, being the talk of the shop.

Day 4

Ianthe returns to the shrine of Sarenrae, gaining fame as skillful and merciful healer (you know, working for free and all that)

Ancalimon spends day 4 in the inn practising his spells, checking spell components etc.

Baylen sends his thief guild members again to spy and gather information about the necromancers, and spends the day at Avin’s inn working on his pistol.

Avin continues practising his magics. Whooo!

Charlotte gains more labour points with her mighty hammer.

Halion goes back to work with the horses, gaining more influence. Shelen went to find her own amusement somewhere else (if Morcastle mysteriously burns down, at least now we know why)

Day 5

Ancalimon spends his day fascinated by the magical world.

Ianthe continues her sneaky way of gaining influence.

Halion, along with Shelen start to get quite impatient since there has not been word from the court wizard, pouting – causing random males passing by spontaneously catch fire.

Baylen’s network hasn’t found any more info, but they’re working at it. He goes at the inn to ask about if there’s any word about the house next door.
After hearing about Manius Sikan (the landlord), he asks Avin to join him on the epic quest of gaining entry to the noble district.
The guard reluctantly lets them in after a namedrop from Manius Sikan and Ursula Denys. “You better not be lying about knowing Ursula, or you’ll have… consequences.”
They go to Manius Sikan’s house and are let in. Onwards with the business! Sikan asks for their offer, Avin evaluates the value.
Baylen buys the land and the men head off with Avin, the deed for the land in his pocket.

Day 6

The group is woken from their sweet dreams at Needy Lemur as a courier from the court arrives to fetch Halion and Shelen….

(The scene fades away, leaving a random observer ponder What The Hell Is Going On? Will we ever find out? Tune in next week!)

Episode 15

In last week’s episode, we partied hard and then passed out (except for Halion). Avin spent the night plotting.

As day breaks…

Baylen wakes up and heads downstairs to get breakfast. Avin Catson is bright and cheery, as soon as he sees Charlotte he starts running off how amazing the belt he’s holding is and offers her a trade of the money she got for the belt (which is well weighted in her favor due to the belt being worth around 10 000 gold).

Charlotte shrugs and downs her “breakfast”.

Ianthe Eir crawls out of bed and stumbles downstairs, hair all crazy bedhead style and sleep walks to get some tea.

Avin Catson decides to tone it down and explains to Charlotte that it will let her “crush things more better”.

The barman is busy serving the porridge of breakfast and does hand Baylen a bowl and some bread.

Baylen Cartwright wolfs down his breakfast, gathers up his stuff, and without waiting another moment steps outside into the blinding morning sun.

Charlotte says “sure whatever.” Charlotte hefts her bag onto the bar in front of Avin.

Baylen Cartwright heads down to the trading post, looking around at the various goods as he thinks to himself.

Avin Catson gives her the belt and picks up the bag of loot. Charlotte puts on the belt.

Ianthe seems too tired to function and only remarks that Baylen is anxious to leave. She sips her tea.

Avin then explains that she needs to have the belt on for 24 hours for its effects to fully take place. Charlotte shrugs and puts it on.

Baylen looks around for the man with the belly, shouting orders.

Avin goes back to scribbling in his books mysteriously.

Charlotte goes outside to look for a blacksmiths so she can sharpen her axe. However, there doesn’t seem to be one.

Baylen asks the fat guy if he can buy a cart. The fat man says “but we need these in case business picks up.” He continues yelling at his employees.

“I’m offering to buy the thing. With gold. You’ll be able to do a lot more business with a sack of gold than with a cart.” Says Baylen.

Ianthe finishes with breakfast and gets her things ready. Halion slams her book shut. “And now I know! And daddy always said knowing was half the battle.” Everyone is somewhat surprised since she was invisible.

The fat guy offers one medium wagon for 200 gold. Baylen offers 130. Charlotte plays with her hammer, grabbing a bucket, pulling it towards her and throwing it across the area, smashing it against a wall.

Avin Catson wanders up to them and watches the men carry the rocks and such
Baylen Cartwright exits the store, heading up to the card and examining the fittings, harnesses and whatnot. Avin Catson gets bored and decides to go find Halion to ask her if there’s anything in the talking box.

“No breakfast for me thanks! There’s no time for that when there are totally innocent things to be done.” Halion pulls out the talky box. “Hey Mr. Box I still have a question for you.”
Ianthe Eir watches Halion and the Box and Avin with interest. Avin Catson asks Halion if there’s anything in the box
Ianthe Eir goes out and tries to see if there’s an apothecary or a store similar to that where she could buy some ingredients

Baylen inspects the cart. It has some rot, but it’ll get us to where we’re going. He looks around for horses. He spots a couple farmers. One is riding a horse, some others are bringing produce on a cart.

“Is there anything inside you Mr. Box? Like those rings you spat out! You should try spitting out a wedding ring which is just a suggestion and not a thing I’m looking for.” Says Halion. The box flaps its lid and spews shit. Avin Catson asks the box what would happen if they turned it upside down.

Ianthe enters a shop, the shopkeeper is sleazy and gross. She asks for ingredients. She tries to barter for a while. He kisses her hand when she hands him money and it was gross.

Halion and Avin are playing with the box which is still chattering loudly.

Baylen goes to try to buy a horse. After discussing prices and the horses for a while, he goes to look for the rest of the party. He realises that only Halion and Avin are still in the tavern. He asks Avin if he can help control the horses since apparently they have a will of their own.

Avin Catson Asks the box if it would rather be helpful and polite to the group and the nice elf woman or be turned upside down and shaken before being fed rocks.
Baylen Cartwright pauses, watching the crazy people talking to the box.
Ianthe Eir: “I’m fine with these, thank you sir. We are about to leave I think so I must hurry back. How much do I owe you, please?”

The box coughs up a ring and a lock pick. “See? Good faith. Next time I want something back.”

Avin Catson backs up
Baylen Cartwright: “… Right. Anyway. Either of you know how to handle horses?”
Avin Catson pats the box on the head and gives it the small gem (worth 50g).
Avin Catson picks up the ring since Halion seems to be doing something else and attempts to identify magical qualities on it. There is none.

Halion gasps. “Avin you’re a genius! I never thought you could be so manly that you could intimidate a box!”
Ianthe Eir mutters quietly in Celestial as she hurries back to the inn… “people better be thankful when I can now neutralize poisons….”

Halion looks over at Baylen with a glare. “What is it? I’m doing something super important.”
Avin Catson wonders if Halion is being sarcastic or sincere and goes to offer her the ring since it’s her box, but she seems busy with Baylen so he puts it in his pocket and picks up the lockpick to examine it too
Baylen Cartwright: " . . . So I can see. Are you any good with animals? Horses? It’ll make the trip to Morcastle a lot faster."

“I’m better at shooting them with arrows than making friends with them but I can do both.” Halion crosses her arms. “And I only help people who deserve my amazing elven attention.”
Ianthe Eir walks into the inn as Halion is saying that and wonders wtf is going on… but deems it better not to ask questions
Baylen Cartwright: " . . . Ah. . . How does someone come to deserve your . . . Amazing elven attention, then?"
Halion points at Avin. “Be him.”
Avin Catson is petting the box and talking to Ser as she points at him
Baylen Cartwright: “Well, I’m not going to start wearing a dress and… Talking to inanimate objects and animals.”
Avin Catson asks what Baylen’s definition of ‘inanimate’ is
Baylen Cartwright: “Boxes.”
Ianthe Eir: “Never piss off the wizard…..”
Avin Catson: Sooooo… Chairs are not inanimate?
Baylen Cartwright: “You’re not talking to a chair, you’re talking to a box.”
Ianthe Eir rolls her eyes a bit
Charlotte returns and orders a drink, satisfied with her new weapon.
Halion groans. “The box can talk you big dumb idiot baby! And don’t be rude about Avin or you’ll be helping me with my archery practise!”
“Shouldn’t we start leaving soon, so we can maybe get to Morcastle today?” Says Ianthe.

Baylen Cartwright glances over at the apparently psychotic elf… And then looks over to Ianthe “That’s why I bought a wagon, and I’ve got a couple of horse purchases lined up. As I was saying, it would make the trip to Morcastle a lot faster.”
Baylen Cartwright: “Problem being I’m not sure I can handle the horses. Thus why I asked the elf.”
“Ah.. The.. Fair.. Elven maiden.”

Baylen Cartwright attempts to take the edge off his faintly racist remark, having accidentally referred to the elf as “the elf”!
Charlotte slurs slightly. “I could probably handle the horses”
Baylen Cartwright: “We wouldn’t need Halion’s help at all, then. Perfect! Let’s go.”
Ianthe Eir: "Yeah we probably should leave while Charlotte is still able to stay on the wagon without falling down… Or crashing into the bushes
Charlotte slams down the empty tankard.
Charlotte: This is only my second!
Ianthe Eir: “My apologies then… it was just the slurring while talking then” smiles sweetly
Ianthe Eir: “Of course not…”
Baylen Cartwright: “Well, Charlotte, if you think you can handle the horses better than Halion let’s get this caravan rolling.”
Charlotte stands up less than gracefully, knocking over the bar stool.
Baylen Cartwright heads up to the bar, and plinks down a bag of 50 gold coins."
Halion grumbles to herself. “Only big dumb losers use guns anyways…”
Baylen Cartwright: “Every merchant that stops here gets a free drink. Make sure they know our names.”

“. . . Yeah. Avingers, whatever. Just -… I’m freelance.
Baylen Cartwright then leaves
Ianthe Eir rushes out following Baylen
Charlotte whispers to the barkeep that he was the founder, and leaves the Inn laughing to herself.

Baylen buys the two bitchy horses. He heads over to the corral, eyeing the two horses. One of them is restless and rearing up. “About time to get them hitched up. And… About time to start praying Charlotte knows what she’s doing.”

Baylen Cartwright mutters “Or praying in general.”
Ianthe Eir stops at the stalls and buys couple of carrots… then goes towards the horses with her newly acquired bribes.

Charlotte climbs into the corral and attempts to get the crazy horse under control. She just about manages to get the horse to trust her enough not to trample her. It allows her to guide it to the cart and hitch it up.

Baylen Cartwright heads over to the cart, and gets the harnesses ready for the horses.

Ianthe bribes her horse with carrots and that one is also hitched to the cart.

Avin conjures a magic horse to ride. Charlotte climbs into the cart, puts her feet up, and proceeds to sleep off her “breakfast”.

Baylen Cartwright checks to see if everyone’s gathering around and ready to go.
Ianthe Eir climbs up to the cart too, taking care to stay away from Charlotte “accidentally” swaying in her sleep <.><

Grant/Avin sits on the Cart and starts writing in his books again
Baylen Cartwright: “Who wants to drive?”
Halion sits in the cart and starts to read again.
Ianthe Eir: “Not sure if any guards will trust a lady with blindfold as driver, but sure…”
Baylen Cartwright: “Alright, good enough.”
Baylen Cartwright sits up front, along the right side of the wagon, gesturing Ianthe up.
Ianthe Eir gets up in the front and takes the reins
Avin Catson asks Halion if she’s reading anything interesting
Halion: “It’s just about demons n stuff…”
Baylen Cartwright watches the sides of the road for potential ambushes
Ianthe Eir waves at the passing people, smiling
Avin Catson: Oh I see, dangerous things those, good to know their weak points!
Halion shrugs. “Some of them don’t sound that bad.”
Ianthe Eir whoas at the horseys, slowing down and going towards the end of the side of the road
Baylen Cartwright watches the carriage containing the king
Ianthe Eir: “Well, that sure is a sight…”
Avin Catson bows slightly
Ianthe Eir shoos the horses back to speeding
Baylen Cartwright: As they approach the gates, Baylen wraps his scarf around his axe-musket, attempting to disguise it as a simple battle-axe.
Ianthe Eir looks at Baylen but says nothing
Ianthe Eir: “Just some personal belongings. We’re adventuring group, returning to our base”
“… Yeah. We’re called Avingers… " *eyes Avin

Charlotte realises that we’ve stopped and wakes up.
Charlotte: Are we there yet?

Baylen Cartwright opens his own bag of phat lewt, and shows him the glitteries.
Halion: “Shhhhh people are readiiiing.”
Charlotte picks up her axe, not impressed with the nosey guard.
Ianthe Eir: “Lets just humour him… He’s doing his job.”
Charlotte: The hearts of our enemies.
Ianthe Eir: “I’d really like to get to the inn today. And into my own bed”
Avin Catson: “It’s metal and such”
Halion raises a hand. “I don’t have any enemies I’m the nice one.”
Charlotte raises her eyebrow.
Baylen Cartwright: “For the love of-… It’s mostly just treasure from a recent adventure. Gold, jewels. Equipment.”
Charlotte: ((NOW KISS))
Avin Catson: “would you like to count them all?”
“one by one, right now?”
Ianthe Eir quietly facepalms on the front seat
Baylen Cartwright opens the bag, showing him the clinking golden coins, shining in the light of the setting sun.
Avin Catson opens it up and hopes charlotte hasn’t also left a bone in there
Baylen Cartwright opens the bag, showing him the clinking golden coins, shining in the light of the setting sun.
Back off.
Baylen Cartwright: "This is probably the best decision, for your.. “Retirement fund.”"
Ianthe Eir gets the wagon moving again… “Thank you sir, hope you have a good night!”
Charlotte turns to her companions. “You’re welcome.”
Charlotte puts her feet up again and enjoys the evening breeze.
Avin Catson is examining the buildings closely for anything interesting

We notice that the streets are strangely deserted and windows are boarded up. It is normal otherwise. Avin spots some people as they are nearing the Inn. They hurry their kids into the house, shutting and bolting the door behind her.

We park our cart and there is a shadowy figure by the door.Ianthe Eir moves inside the inn
Baylen Cartwright frowns at the dwarf
Baylen Cartwright heads to the other stable

Ianthe Eir sweet talks to the horses and gives them the remaining carrots
Halion hops back a little. “Alert! Drow! Danger! Emergency!”
Baylen Cartwright: “Drow? In the city?”
Charlotte looks the drow up and down.
Ancalimon eyes the Aassimar! intently
Halion: “Watch out he might make you his slave and then you’ll have to do weird things!”
Ancalimon ignores Halion
Ianthe Eir gets slightly nervous
Baylen Cartwright: “Or, and here’s an idea, if he tries anything we kill him.”
Ianthe Eir: “I’d just like to get to sleep soon…. Can we try to avoid the bloodshed tonight?”
Baylen Cartwright: “That’s up to the drow, really.”
Ianthe Eir addresses the drown again… “Can we help you sir?”
Ancalimon: I have proposal for your company.
Ancalimon is only looking at the Aassimar
Ianthe Eir: “Uh….” eyes the other group members “Could we at least go inside and get some dinner before going to that proposal, please? We’ve travelled all day to get back to Morcastle”

We all enter the tavern. Ianthe goes to speak with the drow while everyone else drinks and gambles.

Ancalimon: You are able to see in the pits of darkness as light as day.. but that is not the gift im talking about.. Your kind has been granted a gift of the gods. It is this gift im in need from you.. I have a quest to find someone and he knows more but your gift has something to do about access to a special place .. out of this world.

He asks to join our adventuring company.

Ianthe Eir: “I would have to ask my companions, but I personally wouldn’t mind some more help with this.”
Ancalimon nods
Ancalimon: I will wait here!
Ianthe Eir: “Especially if you have any hints on where we could find the necromancer”
Ancalimon: The last note i have of him is over 200 years old!
And this was in my homeland.. he is no longer there.. he was …. exiled!
I do not know anything related to his current whereabouts .. But i think i can aid in talking him down..
The necromancer that you are looking for might be the person im also looking for. He has important information regarding my journey..

Ianthe Eir: “He is a drow then?”
Ancalimon: If the Necromancer you seek is the same person i seek…
Ancalimon nods
Avin Catson Calls Ursula over and asks her (quietly so as to not attract the attention of the others) If she knows of any Innkeepers or shopkeepers willing to sell, given the fear that seems to have struck the city it may be easier to find a good deal
AAsama (GM): Ursula explains that they are a stubborn lot in this town, so she doesnt know of anyone who is willing to sell outright. But if anyone would be, it would be somewhere in the docks distruct.
Avin Catson: ((ducks district, quack quack))
Ianthe Eir: “Hrm. Maybe with that I can persuade the group… Though be warned, I do not think our elf is very fond of your kind.”
Ancalimon: I do not blame them… I will keep to myself. I will not interfere in your day to day life.
Ianthe Eir: “Well, I shall introduce your suggestion to the rest of the group.”
Ancalimon eyes around the Aassimar making sure the crowd is not coming closer and the lights are staying away from him
Avin Catson asks ursula if the streets are actually dangerous at night
Ianthe Eir moves towards the rest of the group and ursula
Ancalimon keeps his eyes set on the Aassimar
Ianthe Eir hears the end of the discussion
Avin Catson asks if there’s any pattern to who is going missing
Ianthe Eir: "People are still disappearing?
Ancalimon raises his arm to try and get the attention from a barmaid..
Ianthe Eir: "I thought we dealt with the necromancers here. "
Avin Catson: …Are any of the people missing shopkeepers or innkeepers?
Ursula doesn’t think so.
Ancalimon drops some gold and takes the wine.
Ianthe Eir quickly summarizes the suggestion to her group members
Ianthe Eir: “He though seems to have his own agenda about finding the necromancer.”
“And the necromancer might be a drow too. An ancient, very powerful one.”
“If this is the same person we’re looking for, we’ll probably need all the help we can get”
Avin Catson: Well, he wants to find the necromancer, but given his…. appearance, he’d be more likely to join forces with him and try to enslave us all
And his stave has a SPIDER on it
Also I’m fairly sure Halion would be pretty unhappy about it
Having to be within close proximity to a Drow for any length of time would probably result in her climbing on my head and shooting at him
Ianthe Eir: “True… but can we afford to deny any help? He’d probably still just follow us. At least with us we know where he is”
Ancalimon looks at the rest of the party that came with the Aassimar.. trying to identify their motives and agendas.
Avin Catson: All I’m saying is that you should probably talk to Halion and see how she’d react
Ianthe Eir: “I have to admit, I’m slightly nervous about the way he keeps looking at me…”
“True. I shall do that.”
Avin Catson: He probably just wants to murder you and eat your eyes for your powers or something
Avin Catson laughs at his joke
Ianthe Eir eyes Avin and mutters to herself while going to find Halion

We decide to take him with us, but none of us really like him.

Episode 14

“This tower is now under lockdown.”

Baylen Cartwright hmms thoughtfully, and turns to Avin. “Hey, Wizard. Uh. Avin. I’ve got a question.”

Halion frowns down at the crystal. “Do we get nice rooms? And I can’t be a housewife without going out and getting shopping so you’ll have to let me leave sometimes.”

Ianthe Eir: “Can we just drop the crystal out of the tower?”

Magic Hateball crystal humms and mutters to himself, barely audible “Adventurers.. no intelligence at all…the nerve…”

Baylen Cartwright: "That crystal seems to.. Absorb whatever magic touches it, right? So… What happens if /it/ touches the magic over the doors?

Grant/Avin: ’I’m not entirely sure, it’s worth a try, either that or someone could try to bludgeon it?

Ianthe Eir: “He’s responsible for the death of Rukh! I vote dropping that crystal. If we’re lucky, the bastard controlling it will feel the pain too when it shatters.”

Baylen Cartwright: “Smashing is generally plan B.”

Magic Hate ball crystal is about 5 foot tall. About as tall as a short man, and as wide as a fat one.

Ianthe Eir glares at the crystal, clutching her staff

Baylen Cartwright: “Roll it into the door before we try to drop it out of the tower.”

The Magic Hate ball crystal shakes slightly and the wizard echoes with inaudible curse words

Baylen Cartwright hmms again.

Baylen Cartwright: “Step back a bit? I’m going to try touching this thing.”

Baylen Cartwright reaches out to touch the magical evil crystal.

Ianthe Eir: “See? He either dislikes the shield idea. Or dropping off from the tower”

The Magic Hate ball crystal is cold to the touch to Baylen

Ianthe Eir glares at the crystal

Baylen Cartwright: “Not dead. Good. Always a good start.”

The Magic Hate ball crystal is quietly muttering to itself about calming down and waiting it out

Baylen Cartwright gives the crystal a push, assuming that even despite its size its roughly spherical shape will allow him to push it!

Ianthe Eir: “That’waiting out’ does not really sound good to us, I’d say.”

Charlotte and Halion is resting while Baylen is trying to move the magic hate ball crystal around

Avin offers charlotte his health potion
“You look like you could do with a pick me up and I don’t have any alcohol so figured this would do”

Charlotte takes the health potion and chugs it.

Baylen rolls the magic hate ball towards Ianthe who is standing by the magically locked door but she moves to the side and it smashed against the wall.
Baylen turns it around tries to roll it to the door that is locked.

Halion: “Hey crystal wizard! Will you die forever if we smash your head?”

Baylen Cartwright: “Okay. Well. He doesn’t /like/ that. So I think we should try again.”

Charlotte moves away a little and then sits down again to feel sorry for herself.

Baylen Cartwright: “Someone with two good arms might want to try.”

Magic Hate ball Crystal mutters: “Do as you will, you sub-par humanoid!” he addresses the elf

Baylen checks the autobot if it still works but its power source is blown

Avin examines corpses but finds nothing of interests.

Halion: “If you say so!” Halion beams as she picks up the head of the wizard and proceeds to throw it off the side of the tower.

Magic Hate ball Crystal: “NOOOO! YOUSHITTYKNAVE! YOU WILL REGRET THIS!” the crystal hums loudly, echoing shrill in the hall

Baylen Cartwright: “Hmm. Ah-… Elf- Halion. Help me push this thing, if you please?”

Halion: “Fiiiiiine.”

Everybody except Charlotte is now moving the magic hate ball crystal around

Magic Hate ball Crystal: “Stop it stop it STOP IT! You dont know what you are dealing with!”

Halion: “I bet the door has a secret password! Hmmm how about…I love magic!”

Baylen Cartwright: “He really doesn’t like this. That’s a good sign, generally.”

The crystal is taken aback at the sheer stupidity of the elf and is silent for the moment
The crystal is shreveling and the shield around the door vanishes slowly

Ianthe Eir: “Uh oh” – “I really do hope that hurted the asshole of a wizard” mutters in Celestial

Avin steps away from baylen and looks at his collar

Halion: “Looks like I was right! Feel free to praise me all you like.” Halion smiles.

Suddenly the door creeks open

The shield crackles throughout the tower and slowly vanishes.

Baylen Cartwright: “I wasn’t entirely convinced that wouldn’t kill us all.”

Baylen Cartwright peers into the room

Within the room there are treasure upon treasure…

Baylen Cartwright: “Don’t touch anything yet. It’s probably an illusion, and I just want to stare at it for a bit.”

As Baylen enters he hears a muffled voice… MFMFMFMFMFLED MEMFEFED

Ianthe Eir peeks in carefully

Baylen Cartwright: “It’s okay, gold. You’re safe now.”

The room is filled with Magic. Avin is amazed of how much magic is present.
Avin Catson: Oh god guys everything is either amazing or a trap

Baylen Cartwright: “This is too easy.”

Halion: “Oh a voice! Looks like this treasure wants to be my friend!” Halion INSPECTS the speaky pile.

Baylen Cartwright: “Uh. Avin. Did you say that crystal was holding the tower up?”
“Because… There isn’t a crystal anymore, is the thing.”
“If you see what I mean.”

Halion: “I’m going to open this now! I apologize in advance if we all die.” Halion takes out her knife to cut the rope.

Unknown voice: I couldn’t take it anymore.. Thank god!!
Who are you? Don’t touch me there…

Ianthe Eir: “Well, that’s a slightly talkative box”

Halion: “I’m Halion and the wizard is Avin! Nice to meet you.”

Box: IS the wizard dead??

Baylen Cartwright: “Wizard’s dead.” – “Died painfully.”

Avin Catson: Well, his body’s over there, and his head’s at the bottom of the tower

Charlotte: Can we name it? I want to name it Claptrap. I don’t know why.

Halion: “…I have a question for you Mr. Box.”

As the group digs in to the treasure.. there is a huge rumbling sound

Ianthe Eir looks around to see if there’s any nifty robes around

Halion: “But I’ll ask later! Time to panic!”

Loot room: Loot room
Baylen grabs a axe musket and some gems and gold
Baylen Cartwright: “Huh. This’ll do.”
“Bit big for my taste, but…”

Halion: “Compensating!”

Baylen Cartwright: “Yeah, the wizard probably had a very small staff.”

Looks around real fast to something valueble:
Belt, excessivly expensive.. potions, scrolls, and he is scanning throughout the room for a red cloak of sorts. he finds one and grabs it aswell.

Looks around for sexy jewels and grabs some and carries the talkative box.

Looks around for a BIG Hammer.. weapon of sorts and grabs one and a sack of valuble gems

Looks around for a robe and a grabs random rings and fistful gold

The ceiling is breaking a part and is coming down on the group

Baylen yells to the group “TIME TO GO, GO! RUN!”
Baylen falls over but gets help from Avin to get moving.

Helion’s talkative box says “tower is collapsing, time to get out of here elf”
Helion runs to the hole in the wall

Charlotte is running towards the hole in the wall and gets clipped by debris from the ceiling
Ianthe runs after Charlotte to help her out.
Both of them dodge a large column coming from the ceiling

Baylen yells: “Time to go”
Baylen runs and jumps across some debris like a hero jumping across the hood of his car

Avin runs out of the room and barely escapes the rubble falling from the ceiling
As the group stands on the edge of the wall an upwind comes up and tells em all to jump!!

Opening in wall:
Edge of wall before jumping off

Halion: “I see absolutely nothing suspicious about this.” Halion follows the voices advice.

Ianthe Eir: “Just jump! She’s a friend!”

Baylen Cartwright stares after the elf.

Ianthe Eir runs and jumps after the elf

Baylen Cartwright: “Anyone have any better ideas than jumping to our death?!”

Charlotte: No
Charlotte jumps.

Avin Catson: Well, I was planning to cast feather fall

Baylen Cartwright: Okay, good. Let’s do that.
“Freefall is not a fun experience, generally.”

Avin Catson: Alright, well, let’s go
Avin Catson jumps off and casts feather-fall on anyone in range

As they all jump off.. They fall down.. suddenly a rush of sand from below slow their decent

Baylen Cartwright falls for a bit, scarf trailing behind him

Avin Catson watches the others being attacked by a sand geyser

As everyone comes down the sand turns back in to the sand lady.

Baylen Cartwright: “For the second time, yes. Painfully dead.”

Ianthe Eir: “Thank you, big sister.”

Baylen Cartwright tugs at his collar
It is now brittle and he snaps it off and he throws it across the clearing

Baylen Cartwright: “So… Does anyone know, um. Where we are, exactly?”

Avin Catson attempts to identify his robe and belt

The tower keeps collapsing as you stand around

Halion: “Lets move away from the death tower please!”

Ianthe Eir decides to move away from the tower

Baylen Cartwright runs across the clearing with perfection

As the tower collapses the top floor is sucked up in a vortex.
Suddenly they hear music playing for Rukh’s passing.

Baylen Cartwright returns the finger to the wizard, but with both hands

As the tower has finished collapsing
Sand lady: “Thank god, it is over.. Are you ok? Where…there was one more with you..” she trails off

Ianthe Eir: “Yes…. Rukh” falls silent and looks sad

Sand Lady: “I..see… We will pray for him..” she nods at the bushes nearby

Ianthe Eir: “Thank you, big sister…. Is Ahl OK?”
Ianthe turns around and she notice Ahl sat crouched trying to hide behind a tiny bush. Alongside the giant mantis of Halions

Baylen Cartwright opens the sack that he grabbed while escaping, and investigates his potential loot

Avin Catson is engrossed in examining the items

Ianthe Eir: “Avin, could you help me to see if there’s any worth to these items?” holds up the robe and ring she grabbed

Baylen got LOTS expensive jewels and axemusket for his gunslinger thingie majigger..

Avin Catson tries to check if there are any more magical properties on the items his friends are gathering

Ahl gets up and waves at the party, and the giant mantis rushes up to Halion and hugs her clumsily

Ianthe Eir: “Hello, Ahl. Glad to see you’re fine” smiles at the rock golem

Baylen Cartwright: “Hmm.. Five and a half grand, and a bunch of gems. Might be able to buy some property with this…” He muses.

Ianthe gets a robe of voidfrost and LOTS of money…

Ianthe Eir: “Hmmm…. I’m not sure if it’s any use to me. Would it be any use to you, Avin?”

Ahl waddles up and gives Ianthe a great big hug, picking her up off the ground in the process

Ianthe Eir: “Otherwise we might as well just sell it and make use of the money.”

Halion checks out her new booky wooks.

Ahl: “You saved big sis!”

The giant mantis looks at the books and pokes them with his claws curiously

“Be gentle Ahl!” big sis scolds him

Ianthe Eir laughs and tries to hug the huge stone golem

Halion: “No you can’t eat them.”
The mantis lowers its head and whines sadly

Baylen Cartwright: “Right. Loot’s counted. Does /anyone/ have any idea where we are?”

The stone golem puts ianthe down and goes to hug Charlotte too

Baylen Cartwright: “I’d like to not be here.”

Familiar Voice: “I might know..” a voice calls out from the bush

Baylen Cartwright jumps, startled, and swings out his axe musket
Baylen Cartwright aims toward the bushes
Baylen Cartwright: Who…….

An elf steps out of the bushes with his arms raised “Easy there, I mean you no harm” – “I am Thaisti”

Halion: “I think I have some water somewhere…”

Baylen Cartwright lowers his musket.
Baylen Cartwright: “Alright. So, where are we?”

The mantis digs its head into Halions pack and grabs the waterskin with its mouth and chugs down

Avin Catson attempts to check everyone elses items for magic aura

Halion looks through her newly found collection of nerd books and finds four titled books: “Inter-species Breeding: The Planes”, “Binding of elementals”, “Inshu’Riah’s research on Gateways”, “Demons and Demonic Masters”

Avin Catson: (trying to detect magic and identify on charlotte’s new hammer)

Avin Catson attempts to identify magical properties on anything Baylen has/in the sack of stuff baylen has
There is no magic in that small sack of valuables

Baylen Cartwright: Only the magic of phat loot.

Thaisti explains “I was on my way to Olafs Crossing when i saw your magic show. Came to see whats up. I think you blew up a mountain…?”

Baylen Cartwright: “We killed a wizard.”

Avin Catson attempts to identify his gunaxethingy

Baylen Cartwright: “Olaf’s Crossing is nearby?”

Thaisti: “close enough”

Baylen Cartwright: “Hm… Guess this isn’t as much a setback as I thought.”
Gun isn’t magical

Thaisti: “So… nothing of value left in there?”

Baylen Cartwright: “You can go look, if you’d like.”

Ianthe Eir: “Nice to meet you again, Thaisti”
Ianthe Eir smiles

Baylen Cartwright: “Not a whole lot of anything left, in there.”

Baylen Cartwright: “Which way is Olaf’s Crossing from here?”

Thaisti gestures to the south-west “About two days travel that way”
“Found an animal trail that should get us there in that time anyways.. if you want to tag along?”


Avin Catson attempts to detect magic on the books Halion got from the wizard.
(( Books are only magic in the sense that knowledge is magic ))

Halion: “Two elves are better than one!”

Baylen Cartwright looks back at his new found companions. “I guess so. I’ll tag along, anyway. I need to get back on the road to Morcastle.”

Ianthe Eir: “I’ll be at least happy to get out of this forest and to get a proper bath”

Baylen Cartwright adjusts his pack, storing things for easier traveling.

Sand Lady gets up on Ahls shoulders by slithering up and around him, tickling Ahl as he does and he chortles happily

Ianthe Eir: “What are you guys planning on doing?” asks Ahl and big sis

Avin Catson asks halion where the talking box is

Halion holds up the box. “Here!”

Big sis shrugs and looks out over the forest “Somewhere where we can be in peace, together.. I doubt we will be welcome in cities anytime soon.. other than for attractions…”

Ianthe Eir: “True, unfortunately” shakes her head sadly “But I do hope you will find a happy spot to live in”

Avin Catson attempts to detect and identify magic on the box
Avin detects the auroa of conjuration on the box
Avin identifies the box as a bottomless box. An alternate version of bag of holding type 2
Avin Catson explains to Halion excitedly the properties of the box (hand actions and all)

Baylen Cartwright: “We’re burning daylight.”

Sand Lady: Im sure we will, as long as we are together “she smiles at her brother, who is busy happily poking the giant mantis, and the mantis scratches at the rock golem as he does. Happy to have something to sharpen his claws on”

Baylen Cartwright: “Right. Southwest.”
Baylen Cartwright begins to head off, sack of valuables going with him

Thaisti turns to lead the way into the forest

Halion follows with her books and boxbuddy.
Boxbuddy sleeps happily

Ahl and Sand Lady waves as you depart “Save travels, friends! And thank you!”

The first day they get halfway through the Forrest. Thaisti guides them through the Forrest with ease.

Baylen Cartwright begins to tinker with the materials he gathered from the mech, beginning work on a new pistol before he sleeps.

Ianthe Eir sleeps, tossing occasionally restlessly as she can’t sense Rukh near her anymore

Thaist: Where you lost in that tower for a week?

Ianthe Eir: “Well, we kinda got lost…”

Thaisti: You guys been gone for a week since last time we saw each other.

Baylen Cartwright tinkers with his in-production pistol as as the others talk about things.

Avin Catson: “we had to see a wizard about a golem”

Halion: “Oh no! That’s like half of a humans life gone already!”

Ianthe Eir: “Ugh…. a whole week? And we sort of disappeared without a word on Ursula”

Baylen Cartwright: “What’s the date? I have no idea how long I was in there.”
" . . . Maybe it was a bigger setback than I thought."
“Well, the wizard’s dead. I’ll just… Consider that a vacation.”

Ianthe Eir: “Why are you heading to Morcastle anyways?” asks curiously

Baylen Cartwright: “Business. Specifically, the business of making money.”
“Lot of gold to be had, in a city like that.” He says, mysteriously.
“The inn here’s not bad.” *He says as they enter the village!

The group makes it to Olaf’s crossing by the time is dark again.

Thaisti: Well, here we are.." Thaisti gestures at the inn close to the road in Olafs Crossing."

Avin Catson continues to wonder whom should have the belt

Baylen Cartwright heads off to the inn!

Ianthe Eir: “Thank Sarenrae there’s an inn…”
Ianthe Eir follows Baylen and really, really badly wants to have a bath

Thaisti smiles and enters, unwrapping the rabbits dangling from his belt

Ianthe Eir: “Bath… and tea!”

Thaisti walks up to the barkeep and hands over the 3 rabbits he brought “Had to help some friends, so this is all the game for now.. Ill head out again tomorrow”

Baylen Cartwright looks around the inn, to see if there are any familiar faces from his last visit

Halion heads inside for a cheeky look around.

Baylen recognizes the barkeep and owner, he nods at Baylen as he enters.
Baylen Cartwright nods in return, and heads up to the counter. “Evening. ‘Round of drinks for everyone, and I’d like a room.”

Ianthe Eir goes to the barkeep and politely asks for room too… and bath. Definitely a bath

The nearby patrons that heard cheer at Baylen, and the rest cheer as the word spreads around

Avin Catson sits down and talks to ser (His Familiar cat), they have a conversation about the weather
Barkeep: You were successful eh? “The barkeep sighs as he knows work will now pick up”

Ser The Familiar Cat thinks the rain sucks

The barkeep whistles to a barwench and tells them to prepare rooms for the new arrivals.

Baylen Cartwright: “Not exactly. Minor set-back involving a wizard, and a tower.”

Ianthe Eir: “If successful counts as getting the wizard’s tower end up being tiny rubble….”

Barkeep: Sounds like a success to me, as you are sitting her with new coin in your pocket…i assume…? “Nods and hints”

Baylen Cartwright drops enough coin on the table for the drinks and the rooms.

Charlotte sits at the bar and orders drinks on Baylen’s tab.

Baylen Cartwright: “I did say /a/ round, mind.”

Halion finds a spot to read her books and hopes no filthy casuals try to speak with her.

Baylen Cartwright: After paying for the rooms and the round of drinks, Baylen heads to a table in a corner and continues work on his new pistol.

Charlotte is inspecting the bag of valuables she looted from the tower,

Baylen Cartwright has his back to the wall, his sack of valuables carefully stowed away and hidden from view

Avin Catson asks Halion what the name of her giant mantis is

Over time the tavern gets filled with people and the music get louder and its a party.

Charlottes bag of valuables is atleast 7600 in coins alone. And there’s still gems to be appraised.
A nearby drunk looks at the hoard of coins over Charlotte’s shoulders and drunkenly slurs “Buy us a beer luv?”

Halion pulls her book out of view as Avin surprises her with his sudden speech. “Ah! Oh um…I suppose it’s nice for the family pet to have a name. You can call him Hierophant!”

Charlotte is getting too drunk to notice the attention her hoard is getting.
Charlotte puts it away and downs the drink.

Baylen Cartwright enjoys his meal and continues to tinker with his pistol

Charlotte leaves 20 gold pieces on the bar and goes to find the fanciest room in the Inn.

The group finds good rooms to rest for the rest of the day and to clean up..

Avin Catson notices that he startled her and apologies, excusing himself to let her get back to reading as he goes to find a room

Avin Catson changes into the new robe and appraises the belt of might
Aprise the belt 10000 gold and has some magical prop. of dex and con.

Ianthe Eir enjoys a nice, long hot bath and dresses up to her new, NOT stinky robe

Baylen Cartwright stows his gear, having made some progress on his pistol, and heads up to the bar
Baylen Cartwright gets the bartenders attention!
Baylen is greeted as a hero

In the window closest to Halion the Mantis stares in, bobbing its head happily to the music

Baylen Cartwright: “Are there any traders leaving in the morning, for Morcastle?”
“I was hoping to not have to walk all that way. Again.”

The barman dual-wields some steins under the kegs but answers Baylen “Yes I think there should be some, usually arriving with the first ferry in the morn’”

A drunk leans up against Baylen and slurs “You are my best friend”
Baylen Cartwright: “Perfect, thanks.” He thinks for a moment… And pats the drunk on the shoulder. “Get another drink, you haven’t had enough yet. Barkeep, have you heard anything about disappearances, lately? People disappearing on the road, or in the forest?”

Avin Catson goes outside with Ser to get away from the noise

Barkeep: Disappearances? Oh aye, hear its getting worse lately. Terrible business that." he remarks as he pours more drinks

Avin sees outside that the giant mantis is happily bobbing its head to the muted music from inside, and doing a little dance. Staring in the window closest to Halion

The stars are bright this evening, and his breath fogs the chilled air

Baylen Cartwright: “Yeah, you shouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. We – the group I came in with and I – dealt with a wizard a couple days travel into the forest.”

Barkeep: “Hah, figured it was a wizard I” he nods

Baylen Cartwright: “Kidnapping people off the roads for his experiments. That sort of thing.”

Ianthe Eir reappears downstairs to hopefully see if there’s some tea

While the group is taking part of the festivities.. they decide the name of the group..
""The Avingers""

And with that.. The disappearances have increased is on everyone’s minds before the carpet comes down.. Find out more whats happening next week on ""The Avingers""

Episode 13

Halion dashes ahead and opens the door.
Chains can be seen around on the ceiling, all around the room.
She spots a body, seemingly dead and hanging from the chains as it was strangled by them.
As Halion steps on a certain tile, the chain above it twitches. She notices just in time and avoids it.
As Halion reaches the blood splattered symbol on the floor, another chain twitches and this time it manages to twirl around Halion’s legs and pulls her off her feet, pulling her towards the
ceiling. A creepy female laughter echoes through the room.

The rest of the group reach the room and enter in.
They wander around the room but still are surprised by the Kyton launching an attack on them.
 photo session13_Kyton_zps2a5d0715.png
Chain lady slashes at Charlotte, ripping a tiny wound on her skin drawing blood. Charlotte laughs at the puny damage.
Kyton launches her chain at Ianthe and Avin too.

Halion tries to break free from grapple, fails.
Avin casts Haste on the grop (except Halion, too far)

Kyton moves and takes its sweet time aiming at folks. It Squeezes Halion with the chain and loses control of the chain, making it go limp and lifeless leaving Halion to fall down. Halion manages to grab another chain and avoid the painful 15 feet drop down on ground, flinging herself on the chains and landing on a spot on the floor.

Kyton attacks Charlotte again and grabbles Ianthe.

Baylen sneakily runs for cover and shoots the chain demon. Chain demon likes the pain. A bit too much.

Ianthe manages to break free and digs her memory up about the chain demon. She now knows they are immune to cold dmg and can control up to 4 chains (at least according to lore). She also lets other people know about this. She notices the lashes on her group and uses Channel to try and ease their wounds.

Charlotte runs to the demon and lashes at it her with her weapon.

Halion breaks her bowstring and now has to spend 2 rounds fixing it.

Avin steps away from the chain feebly trying to grab him and hits the demon with magic missile, making it screetch again and turning the campaign into a PG-13 one.

Kyton escapes from Charlotte and climbs up the chains to the ceiling, avoiding Charlotte feebly slashing at it with her weapon.
It also tries to grab Halion and fails. Tries to grabble Ianthe too and as the chain twirls around her, it suddenly goes limp and does not move anymore.

Ianthe casts Sanctuary on herself.

Charlotte tries to hit the chain behind her, doing very little damage.

Halion is still fixing her bow.

Avin flamejets the chain behind Charlotte, heating it up.

Kyton tries to grabble Halion with a chain and attacks Avin with another one, making him bleed. Demon giggles at her success.

Baylen bravely moves past the chain attacking Avin and closer to the demon, shoots it (bam!) and actually hits it.

Ianthe just keeps an eye on the situation like a hawk.

Charlotte runs after the demon, biding her time on to attack the demon as soon as she gets in reach.

Halion has finally fixed her bow and uses her chance to shoot at the demon and gets a critical hit! The demon gets a hand wound and now has serious trouble staying
up in the ceiling, or anything using her hands.

Avin casts Enlarge Person on Charlotte which makes her able to reach the demon.

Kyton is now in frenzy and bloodied. It lays its eyes on Charlotte and climbs down to attack her, giving Charlotte an attack of opportunity that hits.
Demon is barely able to hold on to her chain and just screetches at Charlotte.

Baylen moves closer to the Kyton and shoots it, shifting a chain on its armour (nipple slip, we are now in the k-18 area. All minors, please exit the area)

Ianthe moves closer to keep an eye on the situation.

Charlotte hits the demon and it falls down on the floor into a heap of chains and meat, all dead.

The Adventuring Company Co (name pending) moves to the the next floor.

Stepping forward on the floor. The group hears clinking sound ahead and Baylen and Avin also catch a humming sound.
Avin can detect that the background magic that has been humming around the whole tower is concentrated behind the door in front of them.

“There is a gentle humming coming from up ahead.Probably another of these freakshow things we’ve been dealing with.”, Baylen shares his (things) with the whole team.

The team swings the door open and Halion and Charlotte rush ahead.
As the door creaks up the wizard turns up and tries to talk, Halion interrupts him, pulling out her longsword:
“Silence! I’m done with this tower and everything in it! Everything you’ve done has gotten in the way of my plans time and time again!”
Halion puts away her bow and draws her longsword. “Here I come, wizard! Do you have enough spells at your disposal?!”

 photo session13_topfloor_zpsf162889e.png

The wizard smirks: “No matter! I still have plenty of spellpower for the four of you. Just a shame it couldn’t be five! <enter>”

Ianthe whispers to Baylen: “He still can’t see you?!”

Commence the fight!

Baylen Cartwright steps out to the forefront, pistol drawn, and says; “Here’s your fifth, you son of a bitch.”
And misfires his pistol.

With a bamf, the wizard disappears and seems like the wizard has only cast in Greater Hold Person with the wizard just being a casted image instead of the real thing.

As the wizard dissappears, he talks from the intercom "Well I did not expect that. <something>.

A large bone construct rises from the table.

Avin recognises the conctruct and knows its immune to magic and with ear burning curses, relays the info to the rest of the group.

Ianthe moves into the room, keeping her distance from the construct and keeps an eye on the situation – oh you silly Ianthe, be useful!

Halion gets ready to attack the creature but ends up stumbling and becoming flatfooted for one round.

The bone construct screetches and Bull Rushes at Halion, who as a nimble elf easily evades the construct. The construct then runs straight into the wall, crushing it around it and
revealing the room behind the wall, full of dead bodies and other nasty things.

Baylen curses at his pistol, holsters it and moves to the table and searches for anything useful. He manages to cook up a mixture and throws it up at the construct,
damaging it.

Avin goes to the work tables to examine the crystal, trying to decipher its meaning. He gets the feeling it could be the big powersource upkeeping the powersource and
possibly the collars. Maybe even making the whole tower collapse.
“hrm, destroying the crystal will either destroy the collars or detonate them”

Ianthe goes to check the other room behind a door she spotted, fidning only dead bodies of prisoners.

Halion moves away from the construct and shoots her bow at the construct.

The constructs roars in rage and bull rushes Halion again. Missing again and this time smashing a hole to the wall of the tower.

Charlotte charges the construct and smashes its butt.

As Baylen stares ponderingly at the crystal and the supports connecting it to ceiling.
The intercom comes alive again, letting our adventurers hear the wizard curse at the construct “What are you doing you fool?!”
Baylen tries to shoot at the crystal supports, misfiring again.

Avin tries to boom the supports too.

Ianthe moves closer to Baylen and Avin, and uses Channel to heal both of them.

Halion shoots the construct with her bow. Pew Pew.

Construct be angry, construct smash Charlotte. PAINFUL damage.
Charlotte shrugs it off like a tough gal, trying to swing at the construct and misses badly.

Baylen examines the ceiling, and notices a wider plate connecting the support wires to the ceiling, pointing it out to Avin and moves away from the danger zone.

Avin shoots at the ceiling, making the crystal drop down. It smashes the demon statue’s head below it and giving it a fancy new look.

“Oh you will regret this!” the wizard yells in anger and Baylen barely avoids a gold plated mech smashing the spot he was standing in.
There’s an old, shrivelled wizard inside the mech shrieking bloody vengeance at the group.

Ianthe runs towards Charlotte to heal her but has to stop halfway to catch for breath.

Halion rushes to help Baylen and misses horribly.

The construct bites down on Charlotte. Charlotte is now dying.

Charlotte fails to stabilize.

Baylen retreats away from the danger to regroup.

Avin looks at the construct and figures out that due to the material, the mech is going to be immune to fire and electricty at least.
Avin summons Reefclaw! Reefclaw does epic crit hit.

The wizard slashes at the annoying pesky reefclaw, making it staggered.

Ianthe concentrates and casts Channel (suprisingly?) and being distracted by a shiny glitter, just barely managees to get Charlotte off dying and just knocked prone.)

Halion shoots at the construct, hitting it and making it pay attention to her again
The construct bull rushes at Halion again, and by miracle she steps away again, making the construct stagger on the wall and hurts himself.

Charlotte moves away from the ledge, stopping to catch breath next to Ianthe.

Ianthe uses cure moderate wounds on Charlotte.

Baylen notices that the neck of the gold mech has a weak spot (exhaustion vent), and waves like crazy to make Halion notice it.
Halion shoots at it.

Avin shoots at the crystal, making bolts swirl inside it and shoot out randomly, retreating to safety. The group narrowly misses the bolts, but one of them hits the bone construct.

The wizard screetches in rage and tries to charge at Avin, but due to Baylen slashing the leg circuits, the mech is far from reaching the wizard.

Ianthe moves further away from the construct and crystal.

Halion moves to have better view of the mech’s back and tries to pew-pew it.

The construct roars in rage and attacks Baylen thinking he hit it with the bolt. Luckily for Baylen, the bone construct fumbles on the work bench, making it crush the statue into
small bits. The crystal drops on the floor and rolls until stopping.

Avin shoots magic missile at the crystal. A big ray shoots out, making the bone construct disintegrate.

The wizard realizeds Avin is too far, and a cannon appears from the mech’s other arm as the wizard readies it and shoots it at Avin.

Halion shoots another arrow to the exhaustion vent, making the mech-wizard bloodied.

Charlotte charges the mech-wizard and slashes at it with her great axe.

Baylen tries to stab the mech-wizard from behind and misses.

Avin attacks the crystal again. Four really big and deadly laser beams shoot out, carving big holes into the tower walls revealing the outside world and the beams just continue their way,
possibly murdering some poor bastard on their way.

The mech-wizard screams “Stop ruining my tower!!” and tries to slash at Charlotte – but does epic miss, and just fumble forwards 10 feet, giving Baylen and Charlotte to do attack of opportunity.

Unware of the damage done by Baylen, the mech tries to move away from the danger – giving Baylen another go, making the gold mech crumble to pieces and catch fire.

The wizard crawls out, cursing at the Adventure Company, Co. as the group closes on him. Appropiate amount of taunts are said, and Charlotte brings an axe down to his face.

 photo session13_postfight_zpsf133aa6c.png

General looting goes on, and Ianthe goes to investigate the door. Charlotte tries to open the said door, when maniacal laughter comes out again.

“You didn’t think it would be REALLY that easy, did you?!” The sound seems to be coming from the crystal, curiously enough.
“I have the whole tower on lockdown. And now… we wait.”


Episode 12

We go upstairs and this level seems much like the last…

Halion opens the door. As we leave the stairwell, the door slams shut behind us.

“So you have made it past my challenges…Well done indeed…You’ll be strong test subjects. Strong together, but can you be strong apart?” Says the voice.

We see 5 doors. One is labelled “Path of Tactician”, the next is “Path of Savage”, then “Path of the Holy”, “Path of the Brute” and finally the “Path of the Skirmisher.”


Charlotte confirms that the doors aren’t trapped. Ianthe heals Rukh.

The doors all slide open and we see a pressure plate in each room. It will fit one person. Everyone steps on their plates and the doors shut slowly. Baylen goes to help Avin.

We hear whirring and sliding of stone on stone and then the doors open.

Halion sees a beast of a man. He is rotting and slobbering. Around the room is a lava pit and four tiles that seem to stand out. The lava pit is boiling and bubbling. A demonic statue is staring down the ogre beast. As Halion enters, it growls at her.

Halions room

Halion doesn’t want to step on anything. It all looks suspicious. So she takes aim and fires at the beast ogre thing. It hits. The monster is hit by the arrow and is pissed off at this elf that has invaded his room. He runs forward and throws a rock at Halion as he’s running, but he misses and hits the stone door behind her. She steps in front of the statue to see if it does anything. It does not. She fires at the ogre beast thing again and hits. It is a little more pissed off. The beast lumbers over and a mechanism begins whirring. As he finishes his movement, a pillar of lava shoots out and hits the square he was in. He pulls out another rock and throws it at him but misses again. This time it hits the demon statue that wobbles a little.
She moves around the lava pit and shoots at the guy. He is so angry. It is insane. He growls and charges around the lava pit towards her. It falls in the pit as it tries to jump over and dies. Halion wins. Yay.

Baylen and Avin see a bunch of tiles in different colours and on the far end is a humanoid in chittin armour holding a giant samurai sword. He is not moving. They can’t help but notice that the tiles have a matching tile on the ceiling.

Avins room

Baylen steps on the red tile and nothing happens. The samurai calmly lowers his sword and draws a kunai. He throws it up into the ceiling and it hits a yellow tile which starts pulsing. Avin thinks standing on the yellow tile might be a bad idea. He moves as far away from everything as he can. He then fires magic missiles at the humanoid. It pierces him armour but he doesn’t move or flinch.
Baylen moves on a yellow tole and shoots at the guy but the bullet pings off his shoulder plates. The room is filled with electrical damage and hits just Avin because he’s not standing on yellow. The samurai guy charges Baylen. He swipes down and hits Baylen in one fluid motion.
Avin chooses a tile to stand on and summons a reefclaw behind the samurai guy. They flank him and the reefclaw attacks twice. The samurai is grappled and poisoned.
Baylen withdraws and moves back away from combat so he’s on a light.
The samurai activates the blue tile and then does nothing. Reefclaw constricts the guy.

Ianthe’s room has a giant “patchwerk” monster hauling a giant cleaver. It looks at her with dull lifeless eyes.

Ianthes room

She dislikes undead. She moves a little closer and uses her channel spell. The “patchwerk” monster takes some damage. His sword arm seems to unravel but he makes no move to fix it. He just seems confused. And then he gets angry. It looks at its severed hand, looks at Ianthe, roars and launches a zombie from its mouth. It hits her square on and she is knocked prone alongside the zombie. He shuffles a little closer. She casts channel as she stands which kills the zombie. The patchwerk monstrosity loses another arm. The flesh is rotting at an alarming rate. He waddles over and flails at her, not really realising that his arms are missing. He tries to headbutt her. He misses. Another zombie falls out of his mouth. His jaw falls off. When she looks inside, she can see other writhing bodies inside it. She withdraws.

Charlottes room

As the door slides shut, spikes appear in the ceiling and begin to descend. Charlotte attacks one goblin but misses. The goblins attack her and only one hits. One fumbles and it slips over and the weapon bounces back so hard that it lands behind her. Charlotte bloodies one goblin with her axe. The goblins all attack again. Two hit. The ceiling is lower. She cleaves two goblin in half and their blood begins to fill the bowl. When all the goblins are dead and the bowl is full, the ceiling retracts and Charlotte is fine.

Rukh s room

He chugs a potion of bull strength and bull rushes the guy. He is knocked back and is standing on the precipice of one of the pools of nastiness. The knight moves in and attacks Rukh. He hits and does a large amount of damage as the sword slashes down on him. Rukh goes to attack but misses. He is then grappled. He tries to break out of the grapple but fails. Rukh goes for a swim in acid and…dies?

As we all leave except for Rukh, it dawns on Ianthe that he is dead. Sad times are had. Charlotte drags her to the staircase. We all leave that level. Rukh goes towards the light.

“Five enter and only four remain!”

Episode 11


Charlotte has a made a friend (not really).

The kobold runs off after glaring at us for a little while. Rukh considers groping Charlotte I think? I don’t even. Charlotte climbs off, saving herself from burning a few calories from walking. Halion climbs up and goes to the ladder. “Knock knock, bitches.”

Basement stuff

Baylen finds a trap on the door. He realises that it is mechanical. It is rigged to the side of the wall, something might swing down and slice at us. He tells Halion about it so she decides to take the risk and try to disarm it. Which she does successfully so everything is good in the hood.

As we venture forth into the next room, Halion steps on crumbly floor and falls through. She holds onto the ledge. Ianthe laughs like a bitch. Charlotte offers her a hand and pulls her back to safety. Baylen takes the lead and has a quick look around for traps. He sees nothing. Charlotte thinks this door looks great so tries to open it. The floor opens up so she grabs the ledge and pulls herself out. She leans over and pushes the door open.

Avin takes a ladder while Rukh bangs on the other door in case anyone is there. When Rukh opens the door, a net came down on Rukh but little else happens. It’s all good. Charlotte heads into the new room.

Basement stuff1

Charlotte detects a trap on another door and Baylen doesn’t see anything. Charlotte tells Halion to deal with it. Rukh hears a voice from down the corridor so he follows it. Charlotte tries opening the door that Baylen says is safe. There is a rug. Avin is booping and detects no magic. As we enter the room, a booming voice rings out. “Visitors?! You seem to have made it through my traps, you’re a special bunch. 5 new guests? Excellent, why don’t you rest and recouperate.” Charlotte thinks the voice has a point and suggests resting.

Basement stuff2

Rukh washes his face in the fountain. Baylen looks around and sees something moving. Behind several pillars he sees gangs of kobolds. Baylen tries to pretend he hasn’t seen them but fails. They scream “ATTACK”. They have collars around their necks with a glowing system.


Rukh hears enemy voices and snaps too and gets his weapon out and looks around for something to kill. He is a bit slow on the uptake. Halion is first to attack. She hides behind a pillar and fires at the closest one. She misses. Avin moves into range. The kobolds decide that Baylen needs to die. One of them throws a knife and hits poor Baylen. No one is especially sad. The kobold appears to disappear? The next one throws a knife at Baylen but misses. The third also hates on Baylen and misses. Ianthe decides to move to cover. The fourth kobold moves closer and throws a knife at Baylen and hits. Baylen is beginning to look like a hedgehog. The fifth kobold throws a knife and misses. The sixth charges and stabs him with his short sword and then randomly teleports towards Avin. Baylen moves and shoots at a kobold but misses. Charlottes moves to attack the kobold but misses. It tries to teleport but fails and just kind of flickers. Rukh does his movement stuff and strolls across the room. A kobold attacks him as he moves and hits. Rukh attacks back and misses.

Back to Halion. “I guess I have to put this one down Elf-land style.” She executes the kobold. He flickers as she hits him. Avin figures out that this is a displacement spell. Any amount of stress will set off their teleportation. This might be another attempting at binding magic into creatures. The kobolds attack in order, teleporting around, trying to fuck up our shit. Avin tells us about his findings.

“From what I can tell the kobolds seem to be another experiment, stress, physical and perhaps mental seems to cause them to randomly teleport, intimidating them MAY have interesting effects on them but I can’t be certain that it’s mental stress too. It could also cause them to transform into larger kobolds.”

Charlotte intimidates them and they teleport like motherfuckers. “I swear on me mum, I’ll you jab you up mate.” She then turns round and smacks the closest one. It dies. Avin Catson suggests perhaps attacking the collars to see what effects they have. Rukh enrages and tries to intimidate the kobolds too. He screams at them. One of the passes out. The others teleport randomly. Rukh then cuts the throat of the passed out one. It was brutal.

Ianthe heals Rukh at some point since he is bleeding profusely. Avin thinks the rug is valuable and wants it. Rukh stabs another guy as it passes him and it flickers and tries to attack Ianthe. It hits quite easily. A second one joins the fun. “Stab me like you mean it.” Ianthe turns into a pain slut. Charlotte attacks the collar which causes the kobold to blow up. Blood everywhere. She moves over to protect Ianthe. Both kobolds try to attack her as she passes, but miss. Rukh intimidates again. One passed out and Rukh cleaves it in twain.

We are now squishing all of the kobolds. Two are left.

One left.

Basement stuff3

They all die. All of them have masterwork shortswords, leather armour for small people and collars. Baylen takes one shortsword. We wonder about Baylen’s collar. Charlotte suggests cutting it. For science. Baylen is clearly against this. He suggests that we examine the kobold’s collars instead. Baylen attempts to persuade Charlotte to pay attention to the corpses instead of his collar, and his neck. Rukh hears whispers of his sister telling him “You weak poor excouse of an orc” … With this Rukh turns around in panic looking for where it is coming from… No one notices. We decide to take all of the swords to sell.

We have a big long rest. Then we head to the next area. The LOADING… screen takes too long.

Avin detects magickal things to the south.

Tower 1

We notice the skeletal remains of someone, and the somewhat fresher corpse of another. As we get closer, the voice booms out. “Well rested are we? Well you’re clearly tough enough for the usual dungeoneering. Lets see if you can pass these more cerebral tests…”

There is a note. It is bloody and shitty. The note says “…stand on the pedestals…The rest didn’t want to, but this is the only way…I must try…”

Halion and Charlotte stand on the pedestals and freeze in place, arms outstretched and looking at the ceiling. Avin thinks our minds might be in the astral planes. There is writing on the pillars. One says “Against your nature.” Ianthe and Avin join Charlotte and Halion frozen. Rukh joins too.

Halion is in a lucid dream. She comes across a kerfuffle. Her friends have come on hard times. She has helped them with hunting before. Today they are being accosted by elves. Halion recognises them as glade watchers. They are standing on each side of a carcass of a deer. The elves are shouting at Halion’s friends. “How dare human scum approach the sacred glade and kill a deer.” Halion knows there is no such rule. It’s a morally grey area. These elves will probably not take sass from humans about this.

“Hey hey hey heeeey! I know the rules you guys enforce and it says nothing about deer! If you think you can just make up rules while I’M around then you’ve got another thing coming.”

“Human lover, what do you know?”

“There’s nothing wrong with loving things! If all Elves where so vomit inducingly closed minded than you I would gladly reject my Elven heritage.” Halion crosses her arms. “I’ve heard of dragons with less pride than you.”

“Oh look, she really has forsaken her people. Lets see you beg for these people…” They cross their arms. The villagers gesture to her, telling her its fine and to leave.

“Beg? Ha! From where I’m standing YOU have been around dwarves for so long you’ve become as stubborn as them! I had no idea that the glade watchers had fallen so far that they have become dirt-wrights.” BURNED.

“You better watch yourself!” They leave and drag the carcass along with them.

“Thank you!” Say the villagers. “But is it really ok for you to make enemies of your own people?”

“Friends come first I’m afraid! And a few silly glade watchers don’t make up my entire race.” Halion beams. “And it felt good to finally find someone I can get mad at.” The illusion fades and she regains composure. She steps off the pedestal and the rune goes dim. The rune on the door also fades.

Ianthe is in the same situation. She is walking through Morcastle with her group. Baylen isn’t there. They are walking around and everything is great. A guy approaches from the alley, decked out in armour and a sword drawn. Charlotte steps in front of him and he shouts “Are you guys the adventuring company. I know its you.” He points at us with his sword accusingly. “You bastards killed my family.”

“But I really have no clue what you what you mean?”

“I’m a healer, I don’t kill people”

“Oh don’t give me that. I won’t allow you to live!” He kills Charlotte and then attacks the group. Ianthe tries to help Charlotte. She uses her most powerful heal. The guy rushes her and skewers her. He lifts her into the air and cuts her in two. Suddenly, Ianthe is back to the beginning.

It happens again. She has a sense of de ja vu. She tries to use diplomacy. He says “You killed my family, I know your face! And now you must die.” He kills Charlotte again.

“Who did we kill?” Asks Ianthe.

“You killed everyone and torched the entire farm.”

“You’re no better than the murderer if you just cut people in half in broad daylight and don’t give anyone a chance to explain.”

He slices off Rukh’s head as he comes to her defense.

NOOOO.” She uses inflict light wounds on him. The attack does nothing to him. He steps up to her and cuts her in two. She is back to the beginning again.

Ianthe Eir steps in front of Charlotte and tries to protect the group, even though she is tiny and squishy “I’m sure we have killed our share of people in the past, but it has always been in a fair fight, and definitely NOT going on murdering defenseless people like YOU seem to be doing! If you need to take your anger on someone… do it on me. As my Sarenrae is the witness, I will not shy away”

The sword detonates as he tries to attack. He is blown backwards and slumps against the wall defeated. She heals him. She believes it is her duty to heal anyone and everyone. The vision fades and she comes back to reality. She feels woozy but ok. The runes on the pedestal and the door fade.

Rukh is walking along through Morcastle. He can smell flowers. He sees a trinket on the ground. He studies it and it looks exactly like an amulet that his sister used to wear. He is certain it’s hers. He can’t help but overhear a child shouting about the amulet, looking for it. Rukh turns around and looks for his sister, ignoring the kid. He holds the amulet tight and looks around nervously. The kid is scared of Rukh and cries as he can’t find what he’s looking for. He’s suddenly right back to the beginning. De ja vu.

“Is this what you’re looking for?”

“Yes that’s my amulet!”

“Who does it belong to?”

“It belongs to my sister.” He looks down.

“Where is she?”

“She’s at home, she’s sick. I need the amulet for medicine and food.”

“I’ll buy it for you”

“No, I just need the amulet and the trader said he would fix it”

He gives it to the kid and the vision fades.

Rukh falls to his knees and sobs as he was so close to finding his sister..

Avin is in Morcastle at night at the docks. All of us have been captured and he is our only hope. He sees a thug at the entrance. He knows we’re in there. He summons a Reefclaw. The bouncer shouts and everyone runs out and slaughters the reefclaw. They notice Avin and trample him, all while shouting “Let’s kill Charlotte first.” It fades away and happens again. He summons reefclaw over and over again to the point that his real body begins bleeding quite a lot from the nose.
Then he tries to charm the guy, but he enrages and tramples him. Back to the beginning.

He gets into a heated discussion with this guy, the guy goes to punch him, and Avin punches him first. He doubles over, we all run back out and we’re all good. Avin is back to reality.

Charlotte is rushing home to her farm because she heard the sounds of battles. She only knows Avin. She kicks open the door and her whole family are dead and there is one guy knelt down with a blood sword. She draws her maul and tells him he has precisely 2 seconds to tell her what is going on.

“I’m sorry…I…couldn’t help it…”

“Explain.” As she brings down her hammer.

He smiles and the vision ends. She is back in the tower. She screams and collapses on the ground, sobbing.

The booming voice rings out.

“Oh I’m getting giddy now! You guys will be my finest specimens! Now, up the stairs! Chop chop!”

“So, apart from some nosebleeds everyone’s alive. That’s good.” Says Baylen.

Everyone heads to the stairs.


Until next time…

Episode 10


The rock golem is hatin’ on us.

Rock golem

Avin enlarges Rukh. He is now a big ass barbarian. Halion shoots it with her bow of shootyness, but misses. Everyone is disappoint. Charlotte runs over and says hi and Ianthe heals people a tiny bit. Rukh decides to beat the shit out of the rock golem and bull rushes it, shoving it back. The golem cries like a little bitch. Avin is all like “waaat” and Halion tries to tame it or something. He commands it to stop acting like a baby. It responds with “NO YOU.” Charlotte hits it really really hard and it sobs and tries to crawl away.

Avin is pretty sure it is some kind of poor human so we stop hitting it and Ianthe heals it a bit. It tries to crawl away again. It feebly lobs twigs at us, shouting about how we are mean fucks.

Combat ends, Rukh shrinks and Charlotte feels like a bitch.

Halion approaches the pathetic creature before us. “Ah um…we’re not really going to kill you! My companions are just…socially challenged…” Halion glares back at the others.

“My big sis says I was challenged too.” He responds. “Have you seen my big sis?”

“Big sister?” Says Rukh.

Halion asks the golem to describe his sister.

“My sister is kind and cool and smart and made of sand.” He says. “But she wasn’t always made of sand, I think it was poo-berty”.

Ianthe wants to heal him but she can’t apparently.

“Oh! We have lots in common! Apart from the sand part.” Halion beams. “Could you not just call or her something? You’re pretty loud.”

“Oh there’s something I forgot to do.” He scratches his head and looks up. We notice that this is a collar on his neck with faded runes on it.

“How did you get that collar sweetie?” Asks Ianthe.

“What collar? Oh wait I remember, it was…oh wait no that was the thing…Oh is it the wizard tower? Yes, I was supposed to kill the wizard.”

Halion smiles even wider. “If you touch our wizard I’ll end you.”

Golem tries to hide behind Ianthe but his size makes it difficult. She uses cute moderate wounds on him.

“Say, you should meet big sis!”

Ianthe is excited about this.

Charlotte isn’t. “I’m not sure meeting his big sister is a great idea…” Charlotte mumbles, “I did just smack him with an axe and made him cry…”

“Do you remember why you were supposed to kill the wizard, dearie?” Asks Ianthe. The golem can’t remember why.

Charlotte suggests killing the wizard for him. He seems pleased about this, almost forgetting about nearly being killed.

“Psssh! Why would we even need to do that? If it’s a human wizard he’ll just die super quick anyways.” Halion laughs at her amazing joke A+ elf comedy.

The golem doesn’t get elf jokes so tries to think where the wizard tower is so he can direct us.

Charlotte asks if the golem can lead us to the wizard since Halion got us lost. Rukh asks the golem it’s name.

He says he forgets but his sister calls him Al.

He gets up and says “I will show you the way!” But he seems lost too. “Which way does the sun set?” Avin points at the sun.

“Okay okay. I remember the sun was up. When I left. Okay, this way!”


We come across a rickety old tower. The sun is setting.

Wizard tower

There is a path that leads right up to it and some disturbed ground on the lower right side. As we approach, Al says “That is the tower! Now there is something about the tower we were supposed to do.” He scratches his head. “Oh yeah the wizard. I’m not going in there. You kill the wizard.”

Charlotte starts towards the tower anxious to do something other than walk around a forest. Halion wants to knock on the door, determined to be polite even though we’re here for murder. Avin warns Charlotte that there is a high possibility for magical traps. As Halion approaches the door, she hits something that feels like a glass wall which ripples up and around the tower. Avin knows it is some kind of shield but that’s it. Avin asks Al about it. Al responds that he doesn’t know anything about it other than that he was to go around it.

“Oh so you can get through this at some point? Do you remember where it is?” Asks Ianthe. Al points to a basement. There is a slight slope on the right side and we see some kind of trap door that is burst open. Charlotte goes to look inside. It goes into a dusky dark basement of some sort. It looks large enough to have fit Al in it.

Halion glares at the magical barrier and yells up at the tower. “How rude! I’m going to give you such a lecture about not making barriers that pretty girls can walk into!” The ripple bounces Halion back a little.

Avin asks if this is where his sister is. He says yes and asks us to rescue her. Charlotte goes inside the basement, looking out for traps. Everyone follows. From this point on, Avin is going to be scanning the hell out of everything in a cone ahead of him with detect magic and also being careful looking for traps and such.

There is debris and shit everywhere. Avin can sense lingering magic but nothing particularly powerful except one thing ahead of us. He tells us this.


Rukh finds a cell with bones and blood and dead things but nothing else. Charlotte is considerably further ahead. She wonders what is keeping everyone.

Charlotte looks into a large open cell which is empty. Avin looks for the magical item that he can sense. Rukh helps. There is a completely empty cell except for a barrel. It looks like a normal barrel.

Rukh follows Charlotte who is still pushing ahead while Avin looks really hard at the barrel. Avin thinks there is a summoning spell in the barrel. As if something is stuck there. He tells us this.

“Hm. Wonder if that’s how Al and his sister got turned into golems.” She steps back. Avin tries the door but it doesn’t open. He uses spell knock. The door unlocks so Avin opens it. He pokes the barrel. There is sand in it that shifts.

Avin says “Hello, big sister.” Two eyes form in the sand, looking at him unsure.

“Who are you?”

Avin introduces himself and tells it about Al.

“Oh thank God he made it. Are you here to help?”

Avin says we are except that Al is a bit injured. The sand jumps out of the barrel.

Sand woman

“The reason Al and I ended up like this is because the wizard is sick, sadistic and mad. He brought us down here and experimented on us. We were the last ones. I think there is one other further in. Maybe he wants revenge, if he is alive.”

Avin asks where he is. She points to the end of the corridor. “You will find his lab over there. Beyond that are some stairs. The wizard bragged about each floor being a motherfucker.”

“You must defeat the wizard. It is the only way to free us.” She lifts her neck and displays the collar. “We can’t leave the basement as it will fry our brains.” We all think back to our favourite retard Al.

“I’m afraid that might have happened to some of our companions…” Halion grumbles.

Charlotte and Rukh reach the lab door and wait for the group to catch up. She opens the door and steps inside. She sees a makeshift lab and a person in a cage. She approaches and tells someone to wake him. The mysterious stranger wakes up and looks around confused. He is a rogue called Baylen.

Rukh ’s mind wanders to probes and what other S&M things this wizard could have done to this strange person.

“Where in the hell am I?” He says, reaching for a weapon.

“Ehehehe~ Are you trying to reach for some flowers or something?” Halion beams. “You would never draw a weapon on an elf surrounded by so many people riiiiight?”

Charlotte draws her axe as a precaution. Baylen narrows his eyes a bit, looking at the assembled group of ragtag heroes. “Maybe not the best idea, no.”

“We probably should let him out… I doubt he’s really able to lock himself into the cage.” says Ianthe.

Avin is largely disinterested in the person on the table and is now examining the room. He finds a bunch of rituals and spells and materials.

“That’d be real nice of you. I’ve got a bone to pick with this wizard bastard.”

“So, like Al and his sister?” she asks.

Baylen keeps an eye on Charlotte as she wanders around the room.

“Another revenge story? Ugh…” Halion groans. “If you think up something better I might let you out sooner!”

Rukh seems to think his sister is in this room. He is running around like a moron looking for her.

“Better? What? Lady, I just want to get out of this cell, find my stuff, and put that dress-wearing son of a bitch underground.” Baylen is getting more pissed off at his rescuers than any prisoner has any right to be.

Avin finds the key to the cage and shows it to Baylen. “We seem to have the same goal at the moment, but I doubt you’re going to be much use naked and angry.” He says as he does so. Baylen can see his gear not far from the cage.

“Name’s Baylen. Can you please let me out of here before the wizard comes back?”

“Avin is right! You should calm down and do everything he says forever.” Halion chuckles.

Avin unlocks the cage. Baylen steps out of the cage and is still looking in the general direction of the elf. He grabs his stuff and dresses. He conceals his weapons except for a dagger.

Everyone gathers at the door so Charlotte tries to open it. An axe swings down and hits Charlotte for a tiny amount of damage. It sends her flying into the door which opens it. Avin continues to do what he was doing earlier with checking for traps and using detect magic and Ianthe heals Charlotte.

The group climbs the stairs.

Baylen searches for traps, but it seems clear. Avin detects no magic. It is eerily quiet. Halion and Charlotte advance down different corridors.

A fireball hits Halion in the face as she tries to open a door and a javelin hits Charlotte as she advances. Charlotte rips the javelin from her torso and flings it to the side.

“So… Do you folks do this sort of thing for a living?” asks Baylen.

“Yes, professional meat-shield.” Answers Charlotte.

“You’re, uh… You’re real good at your job.”

Ianthe heals everyone a bit.

Baylen spots a trap so we step over it. He spots another, so we step over that too. W’re getting good at this shit. We find a chest and Charlotte pokes it. It comes to life. It is a mimic. Charlotte alerts everyone.

Baylen moves around the corner and draws his pistol. Avin identifies that it is strong against acid. Halion shoots but misses. Rukh chills. The mimic is hungry and tries to grapples Charlotte. She attacks and blinds the mimic. Except it doesn’t need eyes so it has no effect. Baylen attacks and doesn’t really hit it because for some reason no one here can land a damn hit. No one else does anything. Fuck you all.

The mimic attacks this time, slamming into her and grapples her. She is covered in a sticky substance but she quickly frees herself. She hits it super hard and rips her axe back before it sticks. The mimic is bloodied. Baylen switches places with Avin. He fires, misses (again) and moves. Ianthe does nothing except step over a trap and move closer. It’s getting cramped up ins.

Rukh is bored.

The mimic slams into Charlotte again. She hits and her axe gets stuck. Avin kills it and the axe drops to the ground so Charlotte picks it up.

We all head back and Halion triggers the pressure plate. The arrow flies past her, dripping with poison. Of course, when Ianthe tries to pass it, she gets wrecked by the arrow. She is poisoned and has an owie. She heals herself and the rest of us pass without issue. We open the final door.

Baylen finds that the door down the corridor is trapped. He tries to open it and the trap javelin misses anyway.

We go down this new hallway. Rukh carries Charlotte on his shoulders. Charlotte spots a kobold on a passage half way up the wall. The kobold notices Charlotte and says humans are not that tall.

“This one is bitch.”


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