Pathfinder: The New Age of Haven

Episode 37: We are surgeonslol


We killed a bunch of things and rescued the fair maiden paladin. We went back to the keep to recouperate and have a breather. Avin did things. He buried Paulinus in a nice-ish place. We decide that he probably had inappropriate love for Baylen.

While we hang in the town, chilling, Baylen is making sure the fires aren’t spreading, Ianthe is helping to heal people, Charlotte is drinking herself into a stupor and Avin is sorting through the golem remains.

Baylen Cartwright gathers up some of the more solid chunks of iron from the cannon, and asks Charlotte if she can reforge it to his specifications so that he can craft a second boomstick. She helps but is too drunk to do much at all other than helping him smelt.

Avin makes something cool.

Avin shows the thing to baylen.

Avin Catson: “How’s this look?”

Baylen eyes the mysteriously crafted thing, and slowly nods.

Baylen: “That’ll do.”

Avin Catson mentions to Ianthe and Charlotte that we’ll be needing their aid in a while.

Charlotte eyes Avin suspiciously. “What are you doing?”

Ianthe: “Not quite sure how I’ll be helpful with anything metal… But if you tell me what to do, I’ll try to help.”

Avin: “As you know, Baylen’s hand has been damaged… slightly.”

Baylen holds up his pretty dang mangled hand. Charlotte wrinkles her nose in disgust.

Avin: “See, it was burned before and now it’s burned AND mauled. So, after discussing various options we decided on creating him a new one.”

Ianthe: “I am sorry my skills were not good enough to help you more, Baylen.” She bows at Baylen.

Avin holds up an item that looks exactly like a hand, but completely solid metal.

Ianthe: “Hmmm, isn’t that quite heavy?”

Avin: “Right now yes, but once we attach it to baylen’s arm at the wrist and activate it’ll work exactly like a new hand… except with a few slight differences. The problem is that his old, now useless hand is still there.”

Baylen: “I’d rather not bleed out, see.”

A smile spreads slowly across Charlotte’s face.

Charlotte: “Please be going where I think this is going.”

Avin: “So… Ianthe, you’ll need to make sure he’s not dying, Charlotte, you already know what we need you to do.”

Ianthe: “…. are you really suggesting Charlotte cutting off his hand?!”

Charlotte: “I could cauterise it too…”

Ianthe mutters something about bloody crazy humans in Celestial.

Baylen: “Seems a bit extreme, but… Ahh. I’ve never told you my family’s motto.”

Ianthe Eir: “Fine. I’ll help. If for nothing else, to make sure Baylen is still alive…. I guess he’s still somewhat useful member of this adventure company.”

Avin Catson raises his eyebrow slightly.

Ianthe Eir shakes her head and continues muttering slightly rude words about damn crazy men in Celestial.

Avin Catson: “If anything this should make him stronger.”

Charlotte draws her axe and holds a hand out to shake Baylen’s non-mangled hand.

Baylen grins madly and says something in a strange language. “Victoriam, Quocumque Modo”.

Charlotte: “You’ve got balls.”

Baylen: “Victory, at any cost.”

Avin whispers to Ianthe in Celestial “it’s rude to talk about people when they can’t understand you.”

Ianthe smiles at Avin…“Sorry, a bad habit when I get annoyed.”

Charlotte: “So, shall we get a block or something?”

Ianthe: “Right. Lets get this thing over with, you absolutely crazy people.”

Ianthe readies her most powerful healing spell just in case and positions herself next to Baylen and out of the way of Charlotte’s axe swinging.

Avin uses prestidigitation to clean what’s left of baylen’s hand/wrist and the chopping block.

Charlotte tries three times to cut the hand off but misses twice. Third time’s a charm, as they say.

Avin kneels down and presses the wrist of the metal hand against baylen’s stump and starts to say a few magic words. It writhes and becomes his hand, completely controlled him by cold to the touch.

The keep has been ravaged by the siege. We are invited to rest in her personal quarters. We all sit around his study high up in one of the towers. We relax for the first time in hours.

Avin asks about the wall. “Is it a literal wall?”

He explains that it is indeed a literal wall a hundred feet high. It seperates the entire peninsula. Other wildlings can’t get past it. It has fallen into a bit of disrepair.

Avin: “Have the orcs made attack attempts before?”

No, they have not apparently. They make small unorganised attacks, but nothing of this magnitude. Nothing so organised.

“Does the wall have any safe areas?”

He thinks for a moment as he takes a bite from his mutton. “You know, there are some magical defenses but that was mostly the scribes’ job. He looked into it but it was a last resort defense mechanism.” He tries to remember. “There was this magical aura that would be fuelled on crystal containers. Oh and the key.” He gets up from the table as shower devours her fifth leg of mutton and downs a tankard from her second keg. The paladin pushes past and grabs a box. He brings it to Avin. "This was very important to everyone stationed at the wall.

Avin opens the box and finds a necklace with a strange crystal on it. It’s blueish and transparent. It does not seem familiar. Avin detects that it has magical capabilities but it has been drained. Avin tells us about it.

The paladin remembers it was called something to do with “Breath.” Everyone needed to keep the breath. If you were found without that amulet, you’d be disciplined.

He asks why we are going to the wall.

We mention there were issues in Iskillien. He recognises the name. Baylen tells him about the treacherous court mage.

Are we on a mission from the King?

Ianthe nods.

The paladin says, “That explains a lot. What is your plan?”

Baylen and Avin send a message back to the King with magic: “King Iskillien. Orcs to the north. Dornari in civil war, king dead. Army tied up. We need reinforcements, as many as possible. Thanks much.”

We sit and wait for a response.

Baylen recieves a response: “Understood. Me and the Queen of Solvana are sailing north right now. We know of the death of the king Will stabilize situation and bring-”

We either head to the wall where there are orcs or head to the city where there is a war. If we end the war, we can get reinforcements from the city to take to the wall.

Ianthe and Baylen vote for the city first.

Avin sends a message to Ursula: “On mission, please check phoenix and company property. How are things in the city? Reply in 25 words or less
Will talk properly when back.”

Avin gets a response “Hello can you hear me? Okay I will check on it but it seems Baylen’s officer has things well in hand. Will check for you.”

Charlotte shows wisdom for the first time. “I agree that going to the city is the best course of action. We don’t want to be caught in the middle of two armies.”

A strange flying thing appears!

As we study it, the paladin says he remembers that this was the emergency system used to travel between the fort and the wall. He’s never seen it used (successfully).

Avin wants to go to the wall with Charlotte. Baylen wants to go to the city. Baylen decides Ianthe should come to the wall too. She reluctantly agrees.

Baylen: “Charlotte and Avin, at least, should go to the wall. Charlotte to kill orcs and keep them from killing Avin, and Avin can fix it. Ianthe, they might need you. I’ll take everyone else – and the cart, and head to the city, and get reinforcements for the keep. And the wall itself.”



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