Pathfinder: The New Age of Haven

Episode 30: An expected journey

The journey to the wall begins

Our heroes prepare for the journey by buying all they need of food and supplies. They also prepare their horse and cart for the occasion and soon they are off.

After a days uneventful travel they make camp by the side of the swamp. The nice cool breeze coming in from the vast stretching coast to the west makes all their troubles seem so far away.

Suddenly they hear a shriek. Ser Princess Bubblegum(Avins new familiar) scouts that a man and a woman are being accosted by orcs! The heroes leap into action!

Shortly after dispatching the foul cretins with deft tactics and cunning magics and saving the family, they interrogate the captured orc. Using very scary tactics™ Baylen Cartwright and Avin Catson manage to learn that the leader of the orcs is called “Urg’Nok” and is closer to the wall area. They let him go. This will not backfire at all.

The saved couple, Lenia and Ottar, bury their dog who died valiantly defending them. They join our heroes around their campfire for the night before heading off towards Morcastle in the morning. Baylen Cartwright tells the party what the orc said – That he mentioned The Wall, that his boss is located in Urg’Nok, and that this was only the forward party. Then he tells the two travellers to inform his Majesty the King of this once they reach Morcastle.

The party rests up for the night and prepare to continue their journey in the morning. They steel themselves for a no doubt rough journey closer to the orc menace.


AAsama AAsama

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